Event Check-In Mistakes You Should Avoid

Event Check-In Mistakes

Event Check-In Mistakes – At times, the organizers spend extensive time and resources for planning a talk of the town event, but it ends up becoming the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. They pay utmost attention to the format and contents of the event, take care of seating, refreshment, and even giveaways too, but forget about tending to the critical details of event check-in.

Event check-in is the point that grants access to the attendees to the event venue. With higher attendee expectations, the organizers need to be well prepared to manage the crowd. However, they fail to acknowledge that they need support and guidance in order to reach the venue efficiently. Learning about the event check-in mistakes is what can help you stay better prepared.

Dig deeper into this article to learn in detail about event check-in mistakes you should avoid at all costs for a better attendee experience.

Top 7 Event Check-In Mistakes to Watch Out

Have you ever come across the stories of people getting back from the event venue because they could not go in even after a wait of hours? Such stories are not mere rumors, as numerous attendees face event check-in issues and decide to go back home without exploring it. All of this can be avoided with smooth arrangements and perfect check-in options and support.

Here are some of the major event check-in mistakes you need to watch for to provide a smooth and entertaining experience to the event attendees.

1. Not Marking Entry Points

There cannot be a bigger event check-in mistake than not marking the entry points. While advertising the event or sharing virtual tickets, you should essentially mention the details of entry points for pedestrians and for the attendees having vehicles. Marking the entry points on the venue is also a suitable option, which many organizers follow with the help and support of event companies who take special care of the décor of entry points.

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2. Single Check-In Point

Even if you are organizing a small-scale event, it will at least get five hundred attendees, which is not a small number. Most of the organizers commit the mistake of having only a single check-in point for all the attendees. It slows down the pace of check-in, and attendees often have to wait for hours before finally reaching the venue. So, you need to set up more check-in points according to the expected number of event attendees and help them enter the venue easily.

3. Unclear or No Signage

The next common mistake at event check-ins which you should not repeat is unclear or no signage. Event signage is what updates the attendees to which side and section they need to move for some specific stall or room. If the signage does not communicate the right information, the attendees can wait their precious time while looking for the designated place and miss important details.

4. No One to Resolve Attendee Issues

While waiting in queues for check-ins, the attendee can indulge in arguments and verbal fights. They can need confirmation or feel sick suddenly. In such scenarios, they will need someone to resolve their issues. Not assigning staff to take care of the issues and problems of attendees at check-in as well as in the event is another grave mistake that you should not repeat at your event.

5. No Backup for Software Issues

If you are using software or digital support to manage your event check-ins, you can never be sure of their efficiency and smooth working. It may be working fine at one moment and go wary at the other. If you have not kept backup support for software issues, you have committed another event check-in mistake for which you should have prepared beforehand.

6. Sticking To Old Resources

Another common event check-in mistake that you need to avoid at all costs is sticking to the old resources. It can encompass an old office, outdated website, software on its last breaths, or even the staff not trained for the job. If you suspect anything to negatively impact the experience of the attendees, make sure to replace it with something that can excite the attendees.

7. Lack of Skilled Manpower

The last and most crucial mistake you need to watch out for smooth event check-in is the lack of skilled manpower. Even if you are generating digital check-ins, you will still need staff support to manage the attendees. If your hired staff is unable to serve the attendees, it will negatively impact their experience. You can hire events companies in Abu Dhabi and let the experts manage the attendee experience through skilled manpower.

Manage event check-in and offer the best event experience!

Your event attendees will develop a perception as soon as they reach the check-in point. So, make sure to use it in your favor. If you do not know how to optimize event check-in, get the experts on board and let them handle and manage all the details.