Event Destinations to Explore in Abu Dhabi in 2021

Event Destinations in abu dhabi

Event Destinations to Explore in Abu Dhabi – Spring and summer seasons are right around the corners. These are the best times to get a little break from the tough routines of work and enjoy a little bit. Arranging a destination event for the workforce is an ideal option for the corporate organizations, to let the workers unwind while enjoying a little team bonding and some me-time too.

The United Arab Emirates is a world-famous tourist destination. Although Dubai gets the most attention and recognition at the national and international levels, the capital Abu Dhabi also holds many charms. This time of the year is the best to plan a destination event in Abu Dhabi and enjoy some quality time.

Keep scrolling down this article to know more about the event destinations you can explore in UAE, Abu Dhabi in 2021.

Top 7 Destinations to Plan Your Next Event in Abu Dhabi

Like Dubai and other emirates in the UAE, Abu Dhabi holds many attractions for local and international visitors. However, arranging an event at a common venue may limit your fun and enjoyment. It is best to explore some of the notable and famous destinations in the region to get a complete feel and enjoyment of a destination event.

Here are the top destinations you can consider to plan your next event in Abu Dhabi.

1. Saadiyat Island

Saadiyat Island is one of the most famous natural islands in Abu Dhabi. It is quite famous among tourists, which makes it a perfect destination for your next event. You can enjoy nature, as well as culture and art here, which are among the other reasons for the popularity of this island. Most corporate organizations hire event companies in Abu Dhabi to ensure the organization of a perfectly enjoyable event there.

2. Reem Island

Reem Island is another famous natural island in Abu Dhabi. This particular island is famous for its beautiful coastline, as well as a wide variety of sports courts. If you want to organize sports competitions among your corporate teams, this island is the best choice without any doubt. The sporting activities will boost team bonding, and your teams can also enjoy nature on the island.

3. Al Bateen

Al Bateen is another popular tourist destination in Abu Dhabi that you can explore and finalize for your corporate destination tour. This particular destination is famous for a variety of spaces, attractions, and food. It provides an opportunity to explore the busy city life along with a pull towards nature. The beaches in the area specifically appeal to the modern generation and help them enjoy peace in the atmosphere.

4. Al-Ain

The next even destination you can explore in Abu Dhabi for your next corporate destination tour is Al Ain. It is one of the oldest inhabited oases in the United Arab Emirates, which is also included in the UNESCO world heritage sites. It is also called the garden city of Abu Dhabi. So, if you want your teams to connect with nature and catch up on positive energy, this is a perfect pick.

5. Yas Island

Yas Island, located in Abu Dhabi, is one of the man-made islands in the United Arab Emirates, which is quite famous among the tourists. The main reason behind its popularity is the Ferrari world, which has one of the biggest roller coasters in the world. So, if you want your corporate teams to get an adrenaline rush through an adventurous trip, Yas Island is the best destination to organize your next event.

6.Al Raha

Al Raha is one of the most famous beaches in UAE, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. It is one of the best destinations in the region to enjoy water sports. The upcoming spring and summer season also makes it an ideal choice. Moreover, the serenity and calmness of the beach will allow your corporate teams to relax, enjoy the positive energy and return to work with a fresh mind.

7. Abu Dhabi Mangroves

Abu Dhabi mangroves are another popular event destination in UAE, Abu Dhabi. It is located across the coastal line of Yas Island. The mangroves are an ideal setting to enjoy some unconventional water sports and adventurous activities. If you want to explore the destination, it is best to hire the event companies in Abu Dhabi and let the experts take care of all the arrangements while your corporate teams enjoy them to the fullest.

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Pick your destination and plan the event!

The most difficult yet enjoyable thing while organizing an event is choosing the destination. You can ask the opinion of your teams about the destination. On the other hand, you can keep the whole event a surprise and contact professional organizers to pick the perfect destination n organize a mesmerizing event that provides the best experience to your corporate teams.

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