Everything To Know About Yoga & Yoga Retreat

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The word Yoga originated from the Sanskrit word Yuj which means union. The practice of yoga aims to unite your body and mind. The art of yoga takes into consideration numerous techniques like breathing, contemplation, and body postures to help you unlock the true potential within. This is a major reason why many yoga practitioners decide to enroll in a Yoga Alliance certification in India.

Yoga is an ancient art that has helped millions of spiritual seekers enjoy the best of mental and physical health. Owing to its numerous benefits, yoga has transitioned from a sacred art to a global phenomenon. In other words, yoga helps you maintain physical and mental health in peak condition.

That said, yoga experts from around the world have compiled a list of benefits that yoga offers you.

Major Health Benefits Of Yoga

As yoga is an ancient art to help you stay fit and healthy, there are some major health benefits of this sacred art.

Improved Flexibility

Although you might not have a flexible physique right from the start, but daily yoga practice does have some impact on your overall flexibility. It warms up the important muscle groups so you are able to practice challenging yoga asanas with ease.

Strengthens Immune System

The long term practice of yoga asanas brings down the stress hormone. This improves your overall health by providing more space for deep breathing, which improves your respiratory system.

Yoga experts recommend a stronger respiratory system is vital to having a stronger immune system. You should enroll in a certified yoga retreat center Rishikesh to learn yoga and strengthen the immune system.

Develops Muscles

You need not hit the gym every week to build muscles. Yoga requires you to handle own body weight and transition from one asana to the next using that weight. This tones your muscles and helps you put on some muscles within some time.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Do you know there are specific yoga asanas that help you keep hypertension away? For example, the Savasana (Corpse Pose) helps calm down your mind and body after a tiring yoga session.

In short, you learn to be present in the moment and not worry about the future or past. You should enroll in Yoga Alliance certification in India to learn yoga from the top yoga instructors.

Improves Body Posture

A poor level of flexibility always puts burden on your muscles and joints. Moreover, within a period of time, this firmness in your body puts additional strain on the muscles. Fortunately, yoga helps you improve your body posture by working on all the major muscle groups.

However, for you to reap all these benefits, it is crucial you book a certified yoga retreat center Rishikesh. You might ask – Why Rishikesh and not some other place? Read on to know the answer.

3 Reasons To Enroll In Yoga Retreat Center In Rishikesh

For starters, Rishikesh is the land of origin of the sacred art of yoga. This is where this ancient art came into being and helped millions of yogis achieve their highest self.

With that said, yoga experts have come up with three reasons why you should enroll in a yoga retreat center in this holy city.

The Birthplace Of Yoga & Ayurveda

As stated above, Rishikesh is the birthplace of the ancient art of yoga which is why it is known as the Yoga Capital Of The World. Fortunately, Rishikesh is also the place where the science of Ayurveda came into being. Numerous rishis, mahayogis, preachers, and yoga lovers travel from all over the world to this mystical land.

Rishikesh offers you the perfect environment to enjoy some solitude and relaxation under the guidance of highly skilled yoga teachers. Moreover, you can find the best yoga retreats to let go of all the stress and enjoy some peace.

Excellent Food & Health

Are you looking for a way to improve your diet? The yoga retreat center in Rishikesh offer you a way to healthier living and eating. In other words, a yoga retreat helps you identify and correct unhealthy eating habits. You will taste a lot of varieties in vegetarian food. Rishikesh offers you numerous venues to indulge your taste buds with freshly prepared local delicacies.

Dive Deep Into Spirituality

Rishikesh is located right in the midst of the mighty Himalayas and near to the holy river Ganga. The numerous temples along with morning and evening Aartis (Prayer) bring you closer to the spiritual side of your existence. Moreover you will learn about yagya, mantras, Samadhi yoga, meditation and many more spiritual activities. In short, you develop a deeper perspective on the world around you.


Do you want to live a life of good mental and physical health? Enroll in a certified yoga retreat center in Rishikesh and learn the sacred art of yoga.