Expand Your Wardrobe with The Best Chinos for Men in 2021


For much of the period after the first Industrial Revolution, denim was the unofficial workwear for most of blue-collar America. However, denim jeans have transcended class, income, and geographic boundaries since then to become the casual wear of choice for most of the world. From classical rugged professions like ranching or railway work, to progressive modern-day work like advertising or designing, jeans are a versatile fit for almost any occasion. 

However, like it or not, denim is not the only material on the fabric pallet. And while nothing beats a comfortably worn pair of straight-fit jeans, they may not be suitable for every occasion. However, there is another type of menswear that can fit that bill too, in addition to being a comfortable casual outfit addition: chinos. Read on to find out more about chinos, and how a single pair, such as khaki pants can be some of the most versatile menswear articles to own. 

The Future is Chinos

A decade ago, everyday jeans were an accepted, if somewhat lazy, part of your outfit when going out. But while women’s denim has experimented with bold changes such as varying waist-heights, styles, fits, and even throwback editions, men’s denim has lagged behind. All we got were variations in fit, with the odd pair of ripped jeans or so. The fabrics mostly used in men’s denim have evolved for more comfort, but they still hold on to the old Marlboro-man era with dark, muted glamor. The truth of the matter is, a lot of men still stick to denim jeans simply because too many of us have internalized the whole “rugged and manly” trope we see in classic westerns. 

In other words, too many men are still clinging onto the outdated notion that an understated outfit equals obvious masculinity. However, in most cases, it only equals a lack of confidence in yourself. Before we move onto discussing the right type of chinos for you in 2021, you need to understand that you have every right to express and flaunt your style regardless of what gender you associate with. Don’t dim yourself to fit in with a toxic and extremely outdated notion. Instead, add some color and adventure to the pants section of your wardrobe with these:

Slim-Fit Chinos 

Slim-fit chinos have been gaining popularity over recent years. This type of chinos typically adds some definition to your legs, without being uncomfortably tight like those skinny-fit jeans from a few fashion cycles ago. Slim-fit chinos are a fairly bolder version of the classic straight-fit chinos. They work well for the average guy who misses leg-day, as well as the fitness buff with developed calves and quads. If you’re the type of guy who understands the value of a stylish but appropriate fit, slim-fit chinos can be the perfect addition to your everyday work outfit as well as more relaxed social settings.  

Straight-Fit Classic Chinos 

These are an instantly recognizable classic fit, and have been one of the earliest popular types of chinos. Straight-fit chinos are the perfect addition to your working wardrobe whether you’re a high-powered investment banker or managing a small car rental firm. But at the same time, with a little attention to footwear and shirts, you can just as confidently wear to the bar or the club on Friday nights. That’s the beauty of straight-fit chinos: you’re a chameleon in any social or work situation. A chameleon with an excellent sense of fashion, that is. 

Straight-Fit Stretch Chinos

The thing with conventional fabrics is their lack of durability. This is especially true of non-stretchy fabrics (excluding denim), such as the average cotton chinos. These chinos, while looking good, won’t survive extensive washing with generic detergents, and you may need to include fabric conditioners in your laundry routine. However, if you want to retain some of the no-nonsense convenience of denims, straight-fit chinos made of stretchable fabrics is just the thing. These are still perfect for both business hours and happy hours, while being far more durable than other types of chinos. And you don’t need to be finicky about how you wash them, you only need consistency.  

Slim-Fit Stretch Chinos 

Your durable chinos aren’t just for everyday office use. Nobody wants the embarrassment of splitting a seam on the dance floor in the middle of having a great night. Plus, clubs and bars are typically high-risk settings for spillages and stains on your chinos. That means extensive cleaning, often with stronger detergents and stain-removers for stubborn wine or food stains. Without durable materials, this laundry will deteriorate the fabrics of your favorite pair of chinos.

But stretchy fabrics, in addition to being a comfy fit for even more aggressive dance moves, are also very durable in terms of washability. A stretchy pair of slim-fit denims can help you flaunt your best self without the associated worry of lasting stains or damage.