Eyebrow transplant: Procedure, effect and cost

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In many instances, we have heard about hair transplants, and nowhere is the eyebrow transplant. Perhaps in some way, you can relate the two because they all involve hairs. There is an increase in eyebrow transplant surgery both in the US and around the world as a cosmetic procedure, as people have made it a deal to look good. It is a great option to avoid the entire hustle of spending so much money in tinting, shaping, threading, micro-blading, and even tattooing. If you get regular treatment of brows or fill in the brows with daily makeup will offer you a permanent solution that is actually way far cost-effective in the long run.

Understand eyebrow transplant

When it comes to explaining eyebrow transplant, it is good to be skeptical so that the reader may fully understand and know to differentiate it from the hair transplant. An eyebrow transplant is a cosmetic surgery that involves grafting, harvesting of the hair follicles from the scalp of a particular patient, and then transplant them into the new eyebrow area for a much thicker and full brow. The follicles which have been transplanted will then later continue growing into natural hairs all through the lifetime of the particular patient.

The eyebrow transplant procedure will take you around four hours where the patient has a chance of going home on the same day. The key thing to note is that the brows are done under local anesthesia.

Before you undergo this procedure, it is important to have an in-depth consultation with your patient where they can keenly listen to you and get all details and ideas that one desires for the best brow shapes. The shape of the brows is drawn collectively with everyone around, including the patient, hair team, and the cosmetic doctor. At this point, one can study the natural growth of the patient’s hair depending on their facial anatomy. This is suggested in two different approaches, which include the FUE and the FUT. They are follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation, respectively. The FUE procedure involves the removal of individual follicles one at a time from the donor site, which is on your scalp, then transplanted into the eyebrows. The procedure does not require invasive incisions though the patients can expect a dot-like scabbing in both the donor and recipient area for some days. This is because the skin and follicles will need to heal.

FUT, on the other side, is the removal of the entire strip of hair follicles from the donor area to the recipient area. It does not need incisions. Rather, the surgeons need to be highly skilled and trained on the strategic suturing that can conceal with ease on the underneath hairline. This is a general technique that is used when it comes to eyebrow transplant since it offers a high density of the usable follicles in smaller areas that are donating the hair.

Hair used for eyebrow transplant

For this procedure, hair will need to be harvest from certain areas of your head, especially hairs from the back of your neck that are good for eyebrow transplantation. Your surgeon needs to choose follicles or grafts based on their likelihood to grow in your entire lifetime. The donor follicles are usually taken from the back of your head around the hairline right behind the ears. This is because they are way much to compare with the eyebrow’s hairs.

There are other types of hair transplants that use body hair and other different types of hair. What matters is that the donor must match the eyebrows. It is always important to have in mind that a surgeon who specializes in facial feminization and masculinization is vast in this field. That means they do their perfect work without painstaking in the distribution of hairs and the entire shaping.


Many factors determine the cost of eyebrow transplant as it depends on how it is done and the surgical procedure you ought to take, location, and maybe the service provider. In the US, the procedure may cost you $3000 -$6000, which includes anesthesia and the fees for the facility. During the consultation is the time your doctor can give you a detailed estimation of pricing. At the same time, there may be some available financing options that can help you spread the cost, but for cosmetic concerns, most of them fail to turn up unless there is a genuine reason. Do not be discouraged because the rates can be different due to numerous things; all you need to do is talk with your doctor. The best advice I can offer you is that you are choosing this method, always ensue to pay way much better on the first round because if you go discounted, you are likely to run a greater risk. 


After an eyebrow transplant, you will get the permanent solution, and there is the likelihood to see some difference, especially on the outline of the brows. Typically, the full results can be seen within 12 months for either of the surgical procedure you decide to follow. Always have in mind that hair follows three stages to grow, so do not be alarmed in case you see hair shedding at some point because it is purely normal. You will have the transplanted brows trimmed on a regular basis, just like it happens when it comes to your head. It is always vigilant to be careful on the solution you consider to follow but always ensures to stick to the right things for better results.