5 Keys For Writing A Strong Speech For Finance Speaking

Finance Speaking

Writing a speech is not always so easy. Especially when it comes to topics like finance, writing a strong speech is a tedious task to do. But finance is a crucial aspect from both personal and professional viewpoints. And speaking on finance requires clear knowledge, guts, and strategies beforehand. 

I am sure you are here because you are looking for some strong tricks to write a sound speech for finance speaking. In this guide, we would talk about the same along with much more engaging information. Stay tuned and happy reading!

What Is Finance Speaking?

The term “finance speaking” is not a widely discussed topic. Frankly speaking, if you search on the internet about tips to develop a speech on finance speaking, you won’t get much in-depth information. So speaking on finance may include public speaking, counseling, or even making someone understand. 

Undoubtedly, none of this is possible without a deep financial domain-specific knowledge or regular practice of speaking. So in order to reach that level of efficiency, all you have to do is prepare a speech beforehand so that you can simply rock your finance speaking. 

Wanna learn more details about them? Let’s deep dive without any further ado. 

Top 5 Keys For Writing A Strong Speech For Finance Speaking

We understand that you are desperately wanting to write a structured speech for speaking on finance. Carefully read the points below to get some valuable insights;

1. Research Your Target Audience At First

Whenever you are planning to speak finance, take a look at who your audiences are, understand their requirements, and develop the speech. For instance, if your target audience is housewives then you should be focusing on home savings, expenditures, etc.  

On the contrary, you would want to speak for investment bankers; all you need to shed light on is stock issuance, floating bonds, company acquisition, etc. So know your audience and then jot down the important points on which you would like to discuss. 

2. Maintain A Structure

A speech is all about the structured draft before speaking on certain knowledge areas. So it is advisable for you to create a specific structure before you start writing the speech. For instance, begin with an 

  • Introduction 
  • The key takeaways
  • Q&A
  • Summary or conclusion 

In this way, your wiring will become much simpler and coherent at the same time. Moreover, on topics like finance or economics, where the discussion is going to be highly conceptual, drafting a speech prior to speaking is a MUST!    

3. Make The Opening Short But Crispy

The opening is nothing but the Introduction with which you start speaking. Of course, it has to be short but remember to make it crispy as well. This means that structure the introduction in such a way; it excites the audience to stick to the end of your speech. 

4. Give Reference To Theoretical Models

One pro tip here is that do not highlight all the key points in the introduction. Instead, mention what your aim is and what you would like to prove, and see the wonder after that!  

Now when you are going to give a speech about Finance, know that Finance is a heavily conceptual topic. Unless you give examples of theories and models, your speech won’t make any sense. So while writing the speech make sure you are referencing the theoretical aspects beforehand.   

Give primary importance to equilibrium theory, Arbitrage planning, Tobin Separation Theorem, and the Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT). However, obviously understand your audience so that you do not speak irrelevant things to the wrong group of listeners.  

If you are counseling a couple who wants to purchase a new house after their wedding at a post locality, consider investment property theory. In addition, real estate market models, consumer behavior models, theory of elasticity, etc., would also be highly relevant. 

5. Keep Pace With Time

Maintaining the time limit while speaking in front of a person or a group is a prime sign of your oratory efficiency. If you are a good speaker, you would want to cover everything within the mentioned time. Whatever the areas you would like to cover are or how critical the topic is, ensure you are completing it on time. 

The hack to achieve this is keeping the discussion points short and to the point. Draft them in your written speech and start practicing. Once you manage to do this, nothing can stop you from being a brilliant finance speaker.     


Now that you have learned how to write an engaging speech for public speaking, why don’t you give it a try? I am sure you will come with flying colors if you follow the above steps diligently. Got any questions? Hit it in the comment box below, and we will get back to you soon.  

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