Google Reviews Widget – A Boon To Your Business

Google Reviews Widget

Businesses highly emphasize marketing to promote their products or services and try to develop new marketing strategies to amplify awareness about their brand. And hence spends a highly on their advertising and marketing strategies, but there is one aspect of marketing that does not involve high cost. And that is – Consumer reviews.

Consumer reviews not only market a brand but also helps a business to establish its credibility in the market. In addition, it is the best way to convince your potential customers into buying your products. And due to the ease of the internet, people often look for reviews for a particular product online. According to the reports from Trustpilot, nine out of ten consumers read online reviews before making a purchase.

And as we talk about online reviews, we must mention Google reviews, after all, it is the most trusted review platform as 59% of customers use it to read reviews. Even for businesses, it holds significance, and therefore we are witnessing a trend where businesses embed Google review widgets on their respective websites.

What are Google Review widgets?

Google review widgets are amazing tools that help users to collect Google reviews from their Google My  Business account and then display them on the website.

Various social media aggregator tools provide you with a dedicated Google review widget that showcases reviews without any hassle. Moreover, the tool also provides you the facility to personalize the widget as per your requirements. You can provide your desired customizations on the widget by changing font size, font style, background, and more to match your widget style as per our website.

You can easily find the widget on the internet; social media aggregators like Tagembed, Taggbox, EmbedSocial provides you an easy way to embed Google review widget on your website.

The tools mentioned above are very easy to use, so even if you don’t have any coding knowledge or skill, you can still use these tools like a pro. Moreover, they provide a responsive widget that adjusts itself according to screen type. In simple words, the widget adjusts itself as per the screen size, so it does not matter if your visitors are using mobile, tab, or PC; they will be able to read reviews with ease. And also, there is no need to change display settings as per the device. 

Often you would have noticed that people mention other products or brands while writing the review of a particular product/brand. And hence, they end up buying a product from a different brand. So, when you display your Google reviews on the website, there are high chances that these reviews might also get a feature. And hence to avoid this, you can use the moderation feature to filter out the reviews that deviate users to another brand. But while using moderation, keep in mind that you don’t hide negative reviews; try to be transparent in front of your audience. Because staying transparent can help you in enhancing your brand reputation.

Tools provide various features that add significance to this strategy. While you are thinking about the benefits, we list some of the major advantages of embedding the Google review widget on the website. 

How Google Review Widgets Helps Your Business

In this digital age, people often determine the reputation and quality of the business based on their online presence. And when we mention online presence, the business website stands as the primary representation of business in the online world. And hence it is important to make your website more engaging and informative to consumers. Google review widgets help in this cause and provide the following benefits:

1. Builds credibility

Customers only purchase products when they trust a business, and businesses can build trust by displaying reviews to their target audience. By embedding Google review widget on the website, you can provide an easy route for your consumers to read reviews. And this eventually builds the credibility of your business and can help you in attaining sales.

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2. Hold visitors on the website

With such review platforms emerging on the internet, consumers sometimes fail to read genuine reviews of their desired brand/product. With the help of the Google review widget, you can provide consumers one-stop to read all the reviews. And as they will read reviews related to your brand, it might engage them to read more reviews and instill an interest in their minds. 

Moreover, it might happen that while people look for reviews about your brand, they mind end up discovering other brands. Hence, you must hold them on your website and encourage them to buy from your brand after reading reviews from the widget.

3. Builds a review cycle

Many brands often struggle to get more reviews for their products. More reviews help businesses to establish their reliability. Therefore they need to gather more reviews. And when visitors read reviews on your website it might encourage them to post reviews and get a feature on your website.

4. Increases the reach of brand

It might happen that consumers might just visit your website to collect some information about your product. Now, with the Google review widgets, they will read reviews about your brand and end up buying from your brand.

And might also happen that as they know about your brand’s reputation and have read reviews, they might discuss it within their social circle and hence increase your brand’s reach.

5. Assist in conversion

People might be dicey about your brand while making a purchase. However, with positive reviews on your website, it might aid them in their purchase decision and convert your potential customer into your customer.

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Reviews play a substantial role for businesses. It provides the opportunity for the brand to prove its trustworthiness and build a reputation. And when you embed Google review widget on your website to display reviews to your visitors, you add considerable value to reviews which eventually helps you in achieving your business goals.