Tips For Startups To Grow On Social Media Market Apps Like Clubhouse

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Adding social media to your marketing strategy is a powerful tool for startups to build their virtual presence. And Clubhouse is the newest addition to the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The platform created a huge hype when it received $12 million from venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

World’s biggest names, such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, added to the hype of this new social media platform. Being a newbie platform creates a level opportunity for brands and startups to grow on social media market applications.

This post will discuss some valuable tips for startups to grow on social media market platforms like Clubhouse.

What Is The Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse is a social media market platform that allows users to communicate via Voice Notes. In simpler terms, Clubhouse is a voice chat mobile application. The voice chat platform came into existence in May 2020, created by Paul Davison and Rohan Seth. The social media platform allows users to create or join a room of their interest and start sharing their views on the topic of their choice.

The application created hype when big industry names such as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Chris Rock, Oprah, and others started hosting or listening via these platforms. With so many topics to choose from, the platform is top-rated for sharing views via voice notes.

All these features of the voice chatting platform makes the social media marketplace – Clubhouse one of the most promising platforms for brands to build a presence online.

Tips For Startups To Grow On Social Media Marketplace Like Clubhouse 

Engage With Target Audience

One of the most significant advantages of a new social media platform like Clubhouse is that it allows startups and brands to engage with their target audiences. Startups can create their rooms on specific topics and engage with their audiences.

Make sure the information you share via the platform is engaging and highly valuable for the users. This ensures that new users will see and follow you. Startups can engage with other influencers to provide valuable content and grow on the social media market apps.

Take Feedback From Users

Taking feedback from your clubhouse group members is one of the best ways to engage with the clubhouse group members. Feedbacks are also a great way to get new ideas and know what type of content users want. 

This will increase your engagement rate with your group members, and also other influencers will weigh in if they think that your conversation is unique. As a startup, you are bound to go through a lot of business problems, and thus starting a discussion about the same might provide a new perspective to solve them.

Follow The Current Trends

Go with the flow, i.e., the current trend. If there’s a hot topic, make sure you share the same with users and share your views on the same. This allows new brands to engage with influential people and keep tabs on what’s new within your niche. 

The popularity of Clubhouse resulted in the rise in the Clubhouse clone app development. With dedicated niche content sharing in your room, startups can share quality information on current trends and news and listen to what users say.

Share Company News Via Clubhouse Room

Startups can also use the platform for sharing news or any other valuable information via Clubhouse. In this way, group members will feel more engaged with the business. Got a launch coming up? 

Startups can create a room and share specific information or product features with the users. Ask for suggestions or instant feedback on how to improve and start a meaningful discussion in the group. Planning to add something new to your product line, use the clubhouse application and start a conversation about the same.

Connect With Investors

Businesses during their initial or expansion stages look to connect. Clubhouse provides the opportunity for startups to connect with VCs and grab their attention via the social media market platform. What a startup can do is create a room and talk about their business.

Ask VCs or investors about their valuable feedback. Use the same to enhance your product and improve your pitch deck. If you play your cards right on this platform right, there are plenty of opportunities for startups to connect with the right VCs and investors.

Follow A Niche Content Strategy

Like other social media platforms, as a startup, you can follow a niche content strategy to increase engagement. Following niche-based content, the strategy allows users to understand what content they receive and share in the clubhouse room. As a startup, it will help you find users with similar interests and connect with them easily. You can also find similar rooms within your niche, join the conversation, and build connections.

Interviews Relevant People In Your Industry

This is probably one of the easiest and proven ways to connect with your target audience on most social media market platforms. Conducting interviews with relevant people in the industry adds real value to your clubhouse room and grows your audience. While conducting an interview, you can organize a Q&A session as well. 

This will help users to question directly and clear their specific doubts and add value to the interview. However, the recording feature on the application is a plus point as it allows users to have a direct and open conversation that provides greater value to the audience. There is no doubt that voice chat applications are growing, and there is a huge demand for discord clone application development and similar voice platforms.

Why Is The Clubhouse Application The Right Platform For Startups?

The audio-based communication feature is what sets the Clubhouse apart from the rest of its social media market apps. Users can create rooms and share content via audio mode only, which saves their valuable time while typing. Clubhouse users can share their views and thoughts on a particular topic via voice note only.

Being a new addition to the social media market apps provides an excellent opportunity for startups to proliferate on these platforms and reach their target audience. For a startup, it is challenging to grow on a social media marketplace as well-established brands are already ruling old social media platforms.

But being a new platform, Clubhouse provides startups a level playing ground where they can promote and build brand presence like other popular brands in their niche. This is a voice-only application, and thus, no need to invest in gadgets, but only in quality content. 

Final Words

For startups planning to create a virtual presence via social media platforms, Clubhouse may be a valuable addition. With its unique audio-only features, many believe that this platform is going to become the next big thing. The exposure startups can get on these platforms enables them to connect and engage with their target audience, VCs, and investors uniquely.

However, startups and big brands need to play their cards right to connect with the right people to grow on social media market platforms and build a brand name.

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