What is Guerilla Marketing & How to Perform it?

guerilla marketing

It is challenging for small businesses with limited capital to get noticed through risky marketing strategies. Some small entrepreneurs have an idea of ​​marketing that revolves around big budgets, expensive advertising agencies, and mass media. This discourages them from exploring this alternative to improve their sales. In this sense, guerilla marketing or conventional marketing has as its main objective to generate interest in the audience through innovative, original and creative strategies that attract attention, even with a limited budget.

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guerilla marketing

How Guerilla Marketing Works?

The guerrilla marketing is a strategy of unconventional marketing that focuses on using attractive ideas designed to immediately capture the attention of the audience by surprise elements. The concept was initially introduced by popular publicist Jay Levinson, who immortalized the strategy in his book ” Guerilla Marketing, ” published in 2007.

The campaigns of guerilla marketing become memorable for consumers and promote brand recognition and business. The way guerilla marketing employs “traditional” elements and puts an innovative and surprising twist on them is the key to its success. For this reason, small businesses can adopt guerilla marketing as an innovative way to publicize their business.

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How to Develop a Guerilla Marketing Campaign for a Small Business?

Wondering how to do guerilla marketing ? Well, take note because, below, we give you some tips that will make your ideas fly to develop a guerilla marketing campaign for your company:

Transform the traditional landscape

Many guerilla marketing campaigns use elements of the landscape such as poles, walls, concrete benches, wastebaskets, or the sidewalk itself, and add a change that grabs your attention. They transform the routine landscape to incorporate a new and innovative design that prompts people to visit the store or buy the product.

Redesign a conventional element

Maybe your product is something quite conventional, like a rubber, an ice cream, or a cell phone.

In this sense, guerilla marketing adds an unconventional element to the image of the product. For example, a smaller or larger ad size than the traditional one, or a color that highlights some of its most interesting attributes.

This unconventional element will serve as a magnet for the looks of your potential customers.

Move the consumer to perform an action

The fast pace of life in the city can keep people going from one place to another without being aware of what is around them.

Small businesses can publicize their brands and products through strategically placed symbols or signs that encourage them to do a simple activity, such as taking a photo or saying hello to someone they don’t know.

This moment of interruption from the routine usually amuses consumers, reinforcing a positive image of the brand or business in their minds.

What are the benefits of guerilla marketing for small businesses?

The truth is that guerilla marketing has many benefits, especially for small local businesses that can make the most of their surroundings to drive traffic to their stores. Some of the main benefits of guerilla marketing for small businesses are:

  1. Low cost of implementation.
  2. Improvement in the levels of brand recognition.
  3. It gives the business an innovative image and presence.
  4. Bond with the potential customer.

It’s Time for You to do Guerilla Marketing

Your business can also benefit from guerilla marketing strategies to attract new customers and boost your sales. Analyze your product or service, take into account some of the tips that we share and organize a brainstorm with your partners or key employees to develop a high-impact campaign that you can easily implement.

Have you ever applied guerilla marketing for your business? How did it work for you? Share your experiences with us. In addition, you may also be interested in knowing How to prepare a marketing plan and, for this, we recommend this other article.

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