Hands-On Review 0357 Zero Tolerance

ZT 0357

We’ve already tested a range of Zero Tolerance knives, so we’re pretty familiar with the brand. The ZT line is known for using high-quality components and stainless steel. We believe the company consistently produces high-quality EDC knives that are both attractive and functional. When you get the kind of performance that comes with the ZT, however, the price tag can be very heavy. That’s why, after inspecting the Zero Tolerance 0357, we were shocked to learn that it costs less than $150.

Blade Specification 0357 Zero Tolerance

The ZT 0357 has a 3.25-inch drop point knife with enough body to do any slicing job. It’s one of our favorite blade shapes in the store. The tip has a fine point that makes it ideal for piecing, but you’ll want to avoid dropping it because fine points, irrespective of metal, are prone to shattering.

Blade Steel Cpm 20cv

This blade is made of CPM 20CV steel, which is used by ZT. This is rust- and wear-resistant steel. It also maintains its edge very well. This combination has the same strength as 440C, but it has significantly more wear resistance and durability. The disadvantage is that sharpening can be a pain, but with the right honing tool and sufficient time on the hands, maintaining an edge won’t be too difficult. The 0357 has a working finish that covers any scratches you might place on it.

When the 0357 is opened, it measures 7.625 inches long for those of you who need to follow carrying rules. To ensure you can openly possess it, check your local ordinances.

ZT 0357

G10 Handle In Black

The handle of this knife is one of my favorite bits of it. The front and back of the ZT 0357’s handle are made of black G10. This material is made of fused stainless steel sheets, epoxy resin, and is dent and moisture resistant.

It’s been machined to have a texture close to 320-grit sandpaper in this case. It’s not too rough to hold, but it’s textured enough that wet hands won’t make it to slip. It has a matte black texture, which I find much more appealing than anything gleaming and dazzling.

The Zt 0357 has a lanyard gap in the butt end of the blade, allowing you to tether it and reduce the risk of it falling from great heights. For southpaws, the compact clip, which feels sturdy, can be moved to the left hand. However, you are restricted to tip-up deep-carry only.

The ergonomics of the handle design are fine, with clean lines that fit the shape of the palm. Rather than pulling the fingers to a certain position, gentle ridges direct them to where they should be. When I need to press down on anything, some jimping on the rear of the knife gives me thumb or pointer finger a safe place to press.

Opening & Closing

For opening the blade, the Zt 0357 has SpeedSafe, the brand’s spring assist device. When you push down on the flipper, the blade almost jumps out of the shaft. While I favor a knife with a bearings in the pivot, the ZT 0357’s spring-assisted open feels quite lively. It opens quickly and easily without needing a lot of force.

To hold the blade in place when in operation, the 0357 has an inner frame-style liner lock. As it clicks into position, the entire width of the liner lock butts up against by the rear of the blade, preventing it from folding over on the fingers while in operation.