Here’s Why So Many Data Scientists Are Leaving Their Jobs

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Every article on the Internet boasts about the popularity and demand of data science as a career. It also happens to be one of the highest-paying jobs in the market.

Data science offers a unique learning platform for both freshers and experienced professionals. The role of a data scientist is challenging but they also get to learn a lot of new things. Data science experts get to explore new methodologies and solve interesting problems on a day-to-day basis. At times data scientists also get the opportunity to work with some of the best talents across various domains.

However, according to reports many data scientists still spend several hours every week looking for new job roles. It is particularly seen among individuals working with machine learning problems. This brings us to the question of why so many data scientists are looking for alternatives. Job-Oriented Data science training in Bangalore guides candidates to find the right job role as per their skills.

The following section of this article discusses important factors. It will surely help professional and aspiring data scientists find the right job role.

  • Organizations and managers lack proper knowledge and understanding of data science.
  • Data scientists are not content with the job role.
  • Inspiring individuals are not conscious of their role in an organization.

It is important to note that data science is an excellent domain to develop a professional career. It will prove to be rewarding only if one has sufficient knowledge and understanding of the subject.

Reality Vs Expectations

Data scientists always have some of the cutting-edge technologies at their disposal. They get to solve intricate problems in interesting ways with the help of modern algorithms and machine learning techniques. These practices also have a substantial impact on the development of an organization.

However, in reality, the situations are quite different. Many professionals working in this industry have said that expectations do not match with the real work environment. This is one of the primary reasons data scientists are getting frustrated and eventually leaving their jobs.

There can be multiple reasons for such situations.

Unrealistic Expectations

Aspiring data scientists lack the necessary skills and knowledge at the beginning of their careers. Likewise, social media projects present an unrealistic view of other’s lives. People end up believing in the exciting stories and assume them as standard.

It is particularly common among individuals that take up a research position fresh out of education. They tend to fall in an infinite time scale and budget mindset. This prevents them from taking up and finishing work within a set timeline. Such types of practices do not match with the culture and work environment of most organizations.

Another factor is realizing that not all tasks as a data science expert are exciting. Most companies occupy their data scientists with technical as well as non-technical responsibilities. This eventually becomes an issue for those not interested in writing, reporting, or delivering presentations.

Harsh Reality

Professionals need to accept the fact that all data processing and infrastructural amenities are not always available. That tools and infrastructural facilities vary depending on the approaches and understanding of the organization. Besides it also involves budget constraints, security and IT-related issues, cloud technology, and more for the adoption of the latest technologies.

These issues can turn worse when the team comprises inexperienced data scientists and managers. Such situations often lead to an unhappy work environment and unfulfilled expectations. Data science training in Bangalore allows working individuals to enhance their skills for new challenges.

Office Politics

In most organizations, talented teams with proper management often starve and die due to politics. At times talented senior associates are removed from their actual job role and put into mundane work; this prevents them from making the best use of their skills. Unfortunately, office politics has become a part of most careers. This forces skilled individuals to look for alternatives where they can learn and grow. 

When political situations at the workplace become worse it makes an individual feel powerless. There are huge budget changes and sweeping of job roles. In these situations, it is best to consider available options and communicate with higher authorities to bring in real change. Similarly, an extensive skill set and loosely defined job role may seem lucrative but in the long run, it might not be satisfactory. Always reach out to the seniors to deal with isolation-related problems.

In the present situation knowledge of the latest tools and algorithms is not sufficient for most data science roles. One can succeed only if they have realistic expectations and understanding to communicate with their organization. This article is aimed at helping aspiring and professional data scientists as well as organizations that employ data scientists. It will surely help organizations in improving the structure of their workforce and expand data roles for better integration of team.