How 4 Simple Custom Packaging Ideas Improve Medicine Boxes?

custom packaging

The pharmaceutical markets offer a vast spectrum of medicines and use distinct research facilities but they all agree on one common factor; using custom packaging for marketing and distribution.

Why customized medicine boxes?

If you look around your nearest retail stores, the shelves would undoubtedly be lined with alluring branded medicine boxes. These vary greatly in their measurements, shapes, and the messages they convey.

The reason why medicine companies are increasingly using customized boxes is for this very reason; the packaging is modifiable and eligible to be used for practically all medical supplies. Using standard boxes does not work any longer due to their misfit with product sizes and ordinary appearance.

According to a recent study, the pharmaceutical packaging market is expected to reach $ 144,233 million by 2027, registering a CAGR of 6.1% from 2020 to 2027. Packaging is an integral part of pharmaceutical products. It is often involved in dispensing, dosing, and use of these products. Communication of proper use and cautionary labels are also regulated. There are several different types of packaging for a pharmaceutical product, which are classified according to primary and secondary.

While the primary packaging units may comprise different materials including aluminum, glass, plastic, or paperboards, the secondary packaging is being increasingly focused on paper stock. The massive outcry of plastic materials invading and damaging all kinds of ecosystems forced the world to come up with viable answers. Manufacturers are rapidly switching to sustainable forms of packaging and keeping in view this change, it becomes more essential to come up with innovative forms of medicine packaging.

In this article, we shall explore some creative packaging ideas that can improve the medicine boxes’ appeal and make them more suitable for varied uses.

#1: Using materials to fit the medicine product type

Paracetamol is a popular pain killer but cannot cure influenza. Similarly, not one box type can be suitable for every kind of medicine distribution.

Certain medical supplies need unusual box shapes and transport. They, therefore, must be boxed using customized corrugated or cardboard materials. These are proven to be highly reliable and flexible for varied modifications. Corrugated stock is perfect for shipping. Its walls come in 3 tiers that are adjustable according to the medicine type. Cardboard works as primary packaging and customized versions allow the material to be used for transport and storage too.

Alterations help in shaping these materials into offbeat shapes. After all, the real purpose of creative medicine packaging is to allure customers’ attention to boost sales.

Paper stock can be cut into custom forms and modern box-making methods construct strong boxes. Both these keep the medicines safe and stylish. An elevating grade of competition in the pharmaceutical markets can be aced by using offbeat packaging boxes.

#2: Integrate customers’ choices

Pharmaceutical products like vitamins, hair care items, and off-the-shelf medicines, usually need to generate an impulsive customer reaction. Thus, they should be presented in custom packaging designed for the same.

Using ethereal designs, box patterns, relevant color hues, and text combine to give an enchanting brand appearance that customers simply can’t ignore!

There are numerous ways medicine brands can use custom box features. The more thoughtful and creative the manufacturers get; the better customer reaction their medicine boxes are slated to get. Every customer demographic has individual specifications. For example, pain killer boxes aimed at older buyers can be designed with soft colors and relaxing graphics. Wellness products can come in energized colors and motivational messages to become more appealing, and so on.

Often customers place the product value on the boxes’ appeal. This makes it highly necessary to ensure that the medicine boxes look, feel, and read as customers expect them to. A little market research can unlock the required customer preferences that matter the most.

#3: Regulated medicine packaging

Medicine packaging is governed by certain laid-down rules. Manufacturers have to ensure that they comply with these by regularly updating their packaging.

How do pharmaceutical brands convey details to customers? Digital and print ads are excessively used for this along with leaflets and brochures distributed as part of marketing campaigns. However, the boxes can also serve as an effective platform for the same.

Clear fonts and scrutinized texts make for an easy yet powerful read. It aids the brand to comply with the set regulations while using the same platform to convey essential details to customers. Buyers want their medicine boxes to come with informative content. They decide on buying the medicines that promise to work as desired. And putting persuasive marketing material on the boxes is a workable method to expand customers’ reach.

#4: Putting branding out there

Strong and durable medicine boxes represent the brand as such. Once products are boxed inside the packaging, they become part of them.

Branding is essential to promote the brand. With new medicine companies starting every year, it makes it tricky to rise above the noise and tell customers that the brand exists. One effective way is to design the boxes to reflect superior brand values and inform customers that is their best bet!

Brand logos, titles, distinct fonts, illustrations, and box built, all tell a grand brand story. Buyers want the boxes to add value to their purchase and be the ultimate protective gear to the products. All these and more accomplishments are realizable with varied customized box elements.

Medicine boxes often come with ‘new and improved’, ‘enhanced formula’, and ‘high-quality production’ tags. These are printed with glamourized fonts made to stand out.

Products as sensitive as medicines need robust packaging boxes to ensure their integrity and functions. Pharmaceutical brands can conveniently place their stakes on their packaging boxes composed of quirky ideas. Doing so provides unmatchable cost-reduction possibilities too. Right from the box materials, designs, to regulated refund expenses and shipment costs, every bit of assembly and transport expenses can be better managed with custom boxes.


It is time that medicine brands think out of the box in employing their boxes! Creativity can certainly take the brand name forward.