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How Does Custom Box Printing Add Value to A Product?

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What comes to mind when you think of box printing? The first impression would be branding done right on the boxes that are made to impress!

Comparing ordinary boxes with ones that are printed with engaging illustrations and designs, is like comparing chalk to cheese. Even though the resource is the same; the boxes, the way printing converts these units into viable branding tools is fascinating.

To begin with, the printed boxes can offer a broader brand recognition through:

  • Displaying the brand logo
  • The unique brand name
  • The wholesome marketing vibe placed on the boxes

Catering to a large or niche market segment can get tricky. That is why printing is here to lay all the packaging woes to rest. Apprehensive about how this is better than the standard plain boxes?

Read through this article to find out more.

Standard boxes are a no-show

Planning to launch the brand in a new market? Or introducing newer products? Getting bland boxes for these will definitely not work because the packaging is practically invisible to buyers!

In a massively competitive market environment, customers have so much choice that it baffles them to pick the best one. In this scenario, presenting the brand blandly isn’t a wise choice. Successful brands always package their offerings in boxes that look head and shoulders to rivals. Printing is innovatively used to tell buyers that the brand is the most appropriate choice for them.

What is the point of marketing about a new brand launch and not living up to it? Standard boxes are unimpressive and customers overlook them for other enticing brands. This one definitely goes in favor of printing boxes with gripping custom features.

Buyers place trust in familiar brands

If the boxes aren’t printed with the brand logo, how would customers recognize it? The fact is: about 95% of customer’s state that they consider the printed content as a determent of their purchases.

Missing out this opportunity by placing the products inside generic boxes, cannot garner the business a satisfactory customer base. Familiarity is something that earns brownie points for the brand. Consumers, in general, buy from businesses that they know of or have seen repeatedly. The brand logo placed on the boxes through artistic printing helps to:

  1. Introduce the company to new buyers.
  2. Capture their focus with captivating styling.
  3. Inform them what is offered.
  4. Reinstate the brand image when the customers see the boxes with consistent branding.

Using this printing method, brands such as Gucci have survived a long span of time and retail evolution.

Don’t have to bulk up every time

One prominent advantage that box printing has over ordinary ones, is that the former doesn’t have to be obtained in bulk all the time. This manages to save on costs and avoid wastages.

Ordinary boxes aren’t just boring and pale but are also not available in the desired quantities. They have to be mass-produced. Something that is unrequired in modern times. Contemporary brands have to deal with instant changes in customer demands and the market environment. Can standard boxes cope with this? We think not!

box printing

Saving on costs is great to boost profitability and spend that on improving the products. There are ample business aspects that can be build up using cost-cuttings on:

  • Customers’ negative feedback. Ordinary boxes are not appropriate for every product. The items can get damaged before reaching the end users. Customized printing helps to educate the handlers of the contents inside and can be created according to the nature of the products.
  • Using large boxes for smaller items. Not every standard box has the required dimensions and that means getting bigger boxes at times. Choosing custom printed boxes is a better option as they are created with the relevant measurements.
  • Creative printing allures the buyers more than just a plain display of brand. it boosts sales figures and compresses costs by saving on spending a lot more on other marketing platforms.

The ordinary boxes are evidently incapable of achieving such cost-savings. At face value, the customized printing may seem more expensive but the overall effects on it undermine the acquiring costs.

Different stock paper and versatility

The retail industry has as many distribution channels as the total products available. Different stock paper caters to every distribution type. Corrugated suits shipping, rigid is for luxury items, Kraft is simple and reusable, and so on. Using the ones that fit better with the brand image is vital.

Generic boxes do not come with such a variety. Thus, storing and sending products in them can be hazardous. Of late, e-commerce has made it even more important to send couriers in boxes that are printed with fascinating custom elements so buyers feel good about their purchases.

Customers wait for their orders with bated breath. They would be disappointed with plain brown boxes reaching their doorsteps. Something edgy would do the job well. printing is a multipurpose method of doing versatile marketing.

Flexible in the truest form

Using paper stock doesn’t have to be in the traditional form. There are diverse box shapes that can be crafted and printed. Starting from the bottom to the sides and finally, on top, the boxes can look and feel exactly how the brand plans.

Can the standard ones be so compatible? Generic boxes are low in quality and don’t radiate branding the effective way. Not many brands can boast of a loyal fan base as the ones that use box printing can. It imparts excessive knowledge about the business to customers in just a glance and protects the boxes from getting torn while in transit.

Businesses can be manufacturing any sort of product and carve a niche for it using creative printing that hits the nail on the head!


The comparison of printed boxes to standard ones is quite one-sided. Printed designs, apt sizes, and captivating marketing content on the packaging are sure to win the brand more recognition than it ever dreamed of!

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