How Social Feeds can be a game-changer in Shopify Store

Social Media Widget

Social media has changed the marketing dimensions. It provides businesses with various opportunities to capture more audiences and stay connected with customers and followers. As marketers look to extract more benefits from social media platforms, they embed social media feeds on Shopify websites.

While talking about online websites and e-Commerce, one cannot ignore Shopify. Shopify currently has around 10.98% of the total e-commerce market share (Source: SleekNote). And as competition is growing quickly on the platform, we are here to provide you with an amazing hack to get an edge over your competitors. That is by Embedding social media feeds on the Shopify store.

Embedding social media feed on Shopify store – Recommendation

Add social media feeds

Many social media platforms allow you to embed the posts on your website by copying the embedding code of the selected post and pasting it on the backend of your website. But this process is time-consuming as you have to copy each post manually, and you cannot provide needed personalization to the feed to match it to your website’s style.

Hence we recommend you use social media aggregators or Shopify apps. These tools ease the embedding process and provide features that add great value to this strategy. For your convenience, we are mentioning some of the major benefits of embedding social feed on Shopify that might convince you to adopt this strategy.

Why should you embed social feeds on Shopify stores?

As people move towards online shopping and eCommerce websites to make their purchases, businesses are more determined to add beauty to their websites and e-stores. It helps attract more customers and eventually helps in increasing brand recognition.

#1 Brings liveliness to the website

Social media users are very creative and are known to provide attractive and colorful content. With many social media platforms in the market, there is no shortage of colorful and lively websites. 

People usually prefer visiting vibrant and lively stores as it looks appealing and enhance the browsing experience. At the same time, other websites avoid using images and video on their website as they affect the website speed and eventually hampers the brand’s reputation. 

On the other hand, you can collect the images, videos, and more from various social media platforms using Shopify apps and Social media aggregators and display them without affecting website speed.

A vibrant and lively website also creates a good impression on the visitors, and we all know how important it is to create a good impression on the visitors to attain sales.

#2 Increases visitor engagement

Visitors will only stay on your website if they find your website engaging and interactive. And to instill interest in the minds of visitors and eventually attain sales, you want visitors to stay on your website.

As mentioned, social media users are very creative and provide amazing content that keeps the visitors hooked for hours. And by embedding social media feeds on the Shopify store, you can bring the same magic to your website. Also, you can opt to showcase feeds from your social media handles to educate your visitors about your products and provide the needed information.

#3 Strengthen your social media presence

As you opt to showcase feed from your social media handles, visitors will also get a sneak into your social media presence. As they can follow you there, it eventually helps you strengthen your social media presence.

And we all know how important it is to have a good social media presence in today’s time, as it provides an easy-to-communicate platform and ease in spreading messages to the people. And in this modern time, people often check a brand‘s social media strength to determine the brand’s reputation.

#4 Provides social proof

Social proofs and reviews are one the major factors that affect a consumer’s buying decision. People often use social media platforms to review a particular product and brand and even upload images/videos with the product. You can use these posts and embed them on your website to provide social proofs and reviews to your customers and win their trust. 

Potential customers always look for reviews before purchasing a product. By providing them reviews and details about the product in one place, you save the time that goes into finding reviews from different platforms and enhance the reputation of your brand as you appear as a transparent brand and showcase public opinions on the platform.

#5 Boosts UGC

User-generated content is one of the powerful marketing tools that help capture the audience for the brand and eventually increase brand recognition. Therefore one must provide a boost to user-generated content. 

By embedding social media feeds on the website, you can boost user-generated content related to your brand. People feel valued when a brand features its content on the website. And it also encourages other consumers to make content for your business and enjoy the spotlight on your website.


Social media is a hub for engaging and interactive content; by embedding them on your Shopify store, you can easily attract people to your website. As people usually prefer visiting websites that are appealing and pleasing to the eyes. And as you attract more people to the website, your chances to attain sales increase.