How To Decorate Pillars In Living Room (Pro Tips)

How To Decorate Pillars In Living Room

If your columns/pillars are strong, your home will be durable, and vice versa. They support the entire weight of your home stories. 

Most rooms also have pillars, and if you don’t decorate them, the whole room looks awkward. I know you are annoyed to see a column in your room, but they are the building blocks of your home, so you can’t ignore them.

There are a lot of ways to decorate your pillars/columns in your living room. These fantastic ideas will help you make your pillars more beautiful. 

Cover Your Whole Pillar With Wood Material

People have used wood materials in their walls to make them more attractive. Your room will look well decorated and feel luxurious with shiny wood. It gives you a natural vibe and an artistic look if you cover your pillar with wood. 

If your room lacks a natural feel, you should use wood materials in it. You can wrap your pillars in wood boxes or cover them with wood designs. 

You can decorate your pillars with wood in many ways, so all you need is a creative mind to make some changes in your room. You’re sure to eliminate the awkward look of your room by covering your pillar with wood design. It will create some freshness and interest in your room.

Using Wall Art 

Utilizing some wall art or wall decor items in the column is the simplest, most effective, and most cost-effective solution. This will make the column look better, and at the same time, you can add more artistic effects to your room.

It’s important to measure the width of your column before you buy wall decor so you don’t buy an incorrectly sized item. You can buy a large or wide piece of art since most columns won’t fit it.

 Make Your Column a Bar or Dining Spot

If you don’t have enough space in your home to have a dining table or bar table, then this idea is perfect for you. You can use your column as a bar or dining table.

All you need is a narrow table that can be placed right beside your column in order to accomplish this. Alternatively, you can use a folding wall-mounted dining/bar table such as the one shown above for the best results.

Use Wall Lamp

Layered lighting is an integral part of interior design. The use of different lighting layers can create a beautiful ambient lighting effect that will make any space look more sophisticated and elegant.

To add some additional lighting, a wall lamp can be used, and you can place this type of lamp on your column. This way, you not only have extra lighting for your room, but also can improve the appearance of a boring column.

Furthermore, those lamps can also be used as decorative items, since you can choose any lamp that suits your entire decor style.

Make Your Column 

You can make your living room look more dramatic and bold by accentuating your column rather than hiding it. Colors with high contrast can be used to paint the column, where you can use a bright or colorful color, or one with a darker tone. You could make your room look brighter by using bright wall paint room to look brighter and vibrant, while darker colors can bring more elegant effects.

With this example, we feel the darker choice would best suit the modern contemporary style we applied to the living room. The color we choose for our walls is charcoal dark gray, as it blends well with any other color.  

Use Pillar With Wall Mirror

A wall mirror can also be used to decorate your living room pillar. By covering the entire Pillar with a mirror, you will not only decorate the pillar, but you will also gain many benefits from it.

The mirror will reflect all the natural light in your room, so your room will feel brighter and wider. When you go outside, you can see your hairstyle or makeup.

If covering the entire pillar with a mirror is too much of a challenge for you, you can also choose some best small mirror designs to hang on your pillar. The most convenient and budget-friendly method is this.

Decorate Pillar With Marble Stone

If you have a budget and want a more luxurious feeling, you should use marble stone to decorate your pillar. In Asian countries, most people use marble for pillars because they look so attractive. Then you don’t need to decorate it.

It is not an easy task. To get results, you need to hire some experts and spend some money. In addition to being a beautiful and shiny stone, marble was also used for building castles and royal homes.

There are several marble patterns and designs available in different colors, so you should choose one that matches your outfit and room.

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