How to detect a liar while chatting online


Lying is seriously frowned upon, and in many cases, it is considered equal to theft. We can’t blatantly accuse someone of stealing without evidence but, if someone has a reputation for lying, we can’t help but suspect them. When people are physically present in front of us, we can tell whether or not they are being entirely honest. Their body language and facial expressions expose them to some extent. But even while conversing via Chatting apps, there are ways of finding out whether or not someone is being honest. NEEO Messenger is a video calling app that helps you make crystal clear calls to your loved ones. It is wrong to lie, but it’s also unethical to doubt someone based on false assumptions. And for this very reason, it is necessary to observe before forming any judgments. Below are some of the ways that you can tell if someone is lying to you while communicating online:

  1. Missing out important details:

People who lie are always somewhat vague with their answers. They tend to leave out important pieces of information while sharing their narrative. Some people might genuinely be forgetful, but some do it deliberately. Telling half-truths is also a form of lying. An example is if someone says, ‘I couldn’t meet you because I had to meet a friend for some important work’ and the very same night you come across pictures of this person partying with his friends. Although this person did mention he was with a friend, he left out important details. Ditching you to party with his friends and then not being wholly honest about it isn’t something to be taken lightly.

  • Desperate for the sympathy vote:

Some people talk a lot out of habit, but this does not necessarily mean whatever they say is true. If you’re talking to someone via a video calling app, and you notice this person has a lot to say, don’t blindly believe everything. He might tell you how all his relationships were unsuccessful because he got betrayed by everyone. He might even blame family members or friends for having made his life miserable. Maybe this person is trying to play the victim card to get your attention. Or this person could have a psychological disorder and might need professional help.

  • Highlighting their achievements:

People who suffer from inferiority or a superiority complex seem to boast a lot about their achievements. And some of those achievements may not even be their own. They’ll make it sound like they’ve achieved a great deal single-handedly. They conveniently forget to mention or give credit to anyone else who might have helped them in the process. Do not get impressed by a self-proclaimed star. And you might want to think twice before getting involved with someone who loves himself too much.

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  • Unnecessary exaggeration:

A common form of lying is an exaggeration! While exchanging messages with someone via an online chat app, be weary of over-dramatic people. They tend to take a lot of energy because they exaggerate every incident to get an exaggerated response. What they don’t realize is that this can be emotionally damaging for some people. Such people tend to make mountains out of molehills and can even create mischief with their words. They love to gossip and are in the habit of saying ‘shocking’ things to get attention.

  • Hiding the truth:

Some people believe that by being silent, they aren’t harming anyone’s feelings, but in truth, this can be detrimental to a relationship. Hiding something from your partner is just as bad as lying to them. For a successful relationship, partners should be honest and transparent with each other regardless of the consequences. When you’re dating someone online, you exchange information just as you would with each other in the physical world. But if you ask someone a question and they either remain silent or keep beating around the bush, you can tell they’re hiding something.

  • One-word answers:

When you like someone, you want them to like you back. But if someone doesn’t feel the same, you would expect this person to tell you so you can move on. However, some people enjoy your attention even if they don’t have any serious interest in you. You keep writing heartfelt messages, and this person keeps responding with, ‘okays’, and, ‘ahaan’. This person could be hiding insincere feelings under the single-word replies. It’s only sensible not to invest too much time and effort trying to convince someone to like you. The person who truly cares will have time to respond with the same intensity. Even when you think you’ve spotted a liar online, you can’t accuse them without solid proof. It’s never a good idea to get too familiar with a stranger. Try to maintain a decent distance unless and until you are confident that the person, you’re talking to won’t exploit you. Use NEEO Messenger, the online chat app, to make friends all around the world. The video calling app will help you make crystal clear calls to your online f