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How to do Branding for a Product? [Updated 2022]

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It is easier said than done if you have the idea to start branding for a product. Let me tell you it’s hard but not impossible. Many people when starting their branding process for a product, usually ask questions like ‘will the branding resonate with the target audience?’

It is obvious for you to ask questions while you are connecting all the dots between what you are going to sell and what is your goal to reach. Hence this article.

Whether you only have a business or looking to pivot your existing brand, we have all the answers to your doubts. This article will let you know about the ways which you can make use of during branding for a product. 

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

What Is A Brand And How To Build It

A brand is not only a name or logo that helps you get recognized by the crowd. Your brand is how people look at it and how they interact with the business. It is a mixture of impressions, one you control and one you cannot. 

To build a brand you will have to:

  • Start researching the target audiences as well as the competitors.
  • You have to select your personality and focus on it all through. 
  • Naming the business is a must. 
  • Come with a slogan. 
  • The look of your brand depends on how people will react to it.
  • Get good design for your logo. 
  • Evolve your business as you grow.  

It is very essential for you to consider each and every aspect of the business as you move on to shaping your brand identity

How to do branding for a product?

Branding is necessary for your business. You can’t really sit all day and wish people would take a look at your brand by doing nothing. You have to decorate it, make changes, use creative ways of branding your products. You have to become unique in the eyes of the audience, only then do you stand a chance. 

 1. Figuring Out Your Place In The Market

  • Before jumping into any conclusions, you have to understand the current market and its strategies. You have to mark your competitors and find out why they are more renowned than you. 
  • Here are some ways to do this:
  • Talk to all your customers who are a part of the target market, and ask them what other brands they prefer in your area. 
  • Stalk your audiences, by following what relevant social media accounts or pages they like or follow as well as being receptive to. 
  • Go shopping online and offline both, then analyse how your customers would browse products and buy them.

2. Be Confident With Your Brand’s Personality And Focus

Your brand will need time to earn its reputation, it cannot become everything to everyone overnight, especially when it’s a brand new brand. People have a hard time going for something new, as they fear losing the comfort or dependency that their current brand is giving them.

Therefore it is necessary to find your focus and let that show every other part of your brand as you keep building it. 

3. A Name For Your Business

What’s in the name? Well, everything, people look for a demo and an identity, then they decide for the features or products. Read the lines again. Your brand’s name matters, you should know that by now. 

After naming your brand, your brand is all about actions, reputations and personality. 

But as a business owner, you have to name your brand as it will affect your logo, marketing, domain and trademark registration. Now, let’s talk about what a name should mean. The first thing about your brand’s name will be something that no one can ever imitate. 

If you in the future think of expanding the product lines, then keep your business name broad so that it will be easy to pivot in case you choose a brand’s name in your product category. 

4. Brand’s Colours And Fonts

The colour of your brand as well as fonts will visually represent your brand, which includes colours and typography(fonts). Trust me it is going to help you when the building of a brand is in motion. 

Here are somethings you should consider:

Choosing Colours 

Choosing colours like solid will help as people are looking for colours that give their eyes a comfortable vibe. Vibrant colours are absolutely not going to help you, though you might think it will attract audiences. They will be attracted but in abad way. 

Choosing Fonts

The fonts are actually more important than colours, why? Because if you use a font that is not quite understandable then your audiences will not spend a minute to understand it on their own. It is your business, you have to make them understand everything about your brand. Use fonts that are sober-looking and understandable. 

5. Slogan!

A catchy slogan always works, like ‘you are worth it, ‘just do it, or ‘live in Levi’s. I have mentioned the slogans from the most reputed brand on earth so that you dream big too. A name, with the right colours and fonts as well a catchy slogan, pal! I am telling you you are on the right path. 

Wrapping It All Up 

There you go with How to do branding for a product?.  We have given ways of how to do it. If you go through these steps properly, then the goal is not far to reach. 

Leave a comment in the comment section and share your experience with us.

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