How To Embed Instagram Posts on Website

Embed Instagram Feed

Instagram has been one among people’s favourite social media sites. With years passing by, Instagram has grown immensely with broader horizons. Established as a photo-sharing app, but now’s far more appealing for the audience with brands and influencers creating interesting content.

According to a study by Mention, in 2018, approximate 71% of companies within the US claim to use Instagram for business and marketing purposes. It also reveals that 7 out of each 10 hashtags belong to a brand. 

With the rising use of social media, especially Instagram, brands and marketers are considering to form their digital presence as a significant move to interact their audience . Just creating a business profile on Instagram isn’t only enough to make an impression . 

Instagram Feed Embedding

The whole world is on Instagram then should your brand!

A survey by Facebook in early 2019 reveals that 83% of Instagrammers discover new products and services on Instagram.

Embedding an Instagram hashtag post on the web site works as a bridge between the social media platforms and website for the users. There are more benefits of embedding Instagram feed than simply beautifying the aesthetics of the web site .

Methods to Embed Instagram hashtag post on Website

Let’s get your business profile embedded on your website and see Instagram work as a discovery engine for your brand. Here are some ways to embed Instagram feed on the website .

1. Snapshot to Display

Photos add colors to an internet site and make it look good. Visual content is more likely to interact with the viewers and have interaction them by pleasing their eyes. 

You can take screenshots of Instagram posts relevant to your brand and add more visually attractive content for your business. Just take a snapshot of the image with a positive mention, let it’s from a star , user, or influencer. Even the pictures with a feedback of products shared on Instagram are often moderated to be used as quality content for an internet site .

Embed the web site conveniently with a social feed of such snapshots and make the web site more attractive and interesting.

2. Instagram Wall

An Instagram wall is that the social display where the content gathered from several pre-defined hashtags are integrated into one feed. It collects the relevant content from Instagram with ease and makes the website interactive. It lets your brand create a sort of social proof with the validated content displayed in real-time. 

There are expert hashtag aggregating tools like Taggbox which gathers the content using hashtags and creates a cool Instagram feed. This feed is definitely embedded Instagram hashtag feed employing a simple HTML code which is to be copied and pasted along side the website’s code.

You can even customise the planning of the feed consistent with occasions, seasons, industry, or website with several themes to settle on from. The moderation tools allow you to moderate the content conveniently as per your business requirements.

3. WordPress Plugin

You can get an Instagram hashtag feed embedded on the web site employing a WordPress plugin if your website is made on WordPress. Smash Balloon offers multiple social media feed plugins for WordPress. Its customisable Instagram feed helps you save time and increase social engagement.

The plugin is definitely installable and allows you to embed Instagram feed the way you would like . It features post caching to enhance the loading time. Manage the tagged posts to display for the audience and have interaction them with the Instagram feed.

4. Embedding Shoppable Feed

Just the essential Instagram is ok , but a shoppable Instagram feed can add more fun and convenience for users. A shoppable post allows the users to look at the products within the picture with a click. This makes it easier for them to possess a fast and straightforward visual shopping experience. For this, you would like to feature tags to the merchandise within the post and make it shoppable.

Tools like Taggbox allows you to integrate the Instagram hashtag feed wall with shoppable posts to urge it embedded on your website with an uncomplicated HTML code. It helps you create the web site user-friendlier and discoverable to form it easy to navigate. With such a shoppable Instagram feed, you’ll make the web site a platform of social proof.

5. Instagram Code

The social media platform has an option within the app to urge posts embedded on an internet site . you’ll open the post and find an HTML code for the post which is to be pasted in your website’s backend, consistent with the positioning and placement of the feed. 

It allows you to possess a personalised Instagram feed but has some limitations regarding moderation and customisation.

Closing the purpose 

A major presence of your brand on Instagram can create a positive impression on your potential customers. So, embedding an Instagram hashtag posts on the web site can add up with tons . quite the creative aspects, it’ll redirect the visitors to possess a view on the pictures and videos, resulting in inspiring them for a sale .

Make a mark of Instagram on the web site and see the magic of social media making a symbol for your brand!