How to engage remote channels with an E-Signature online app

E-Signature Online

Remote working is a new norm in this world that is affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Working at home is not a new concept, as we know many freelancers who work remotely for companies. However, it was coronavirus that stopped every business in all major countries around the world. It was the war of survival for the businesses, and they fought it by allowing their employees to work remotely and contribute to the company.

This unique approach has been developed now, and many companies are ready to welcome more and more remote workers for those tasks that can be managed while staying at home. Companies think it has become necessary to engage more and more remote workers to save company resources. More interestingly, the employees also know that they can save something extra while working from home.

The reality is that all these barriers have been stopping businesses from incorporating E-Signature online app and other related technology software. Therefore, they were reluctant to allow their employees to work remotely. Companies need security and integrity to protect their information, which is possible only when they can identify all the users, locations, devices, and time on which the processing is done.

Here, we need to know something about electronic signature online apps before moving to become an organization that allows remote workers.

So, let us explore some information about digital signatures online!

All E-Signature online apps are not the same!

Mainly, there are four different types of electronic signatures online. The simplest ones are click-to-sign and basic. Generally, both are free E Signature solutions that mean you do not need to pay the subscription fee. The other two types are advanced and qualified digital signature online. These are the recommended ones if you want to add security, confidentiality, and protection to your solutions. However, the security protocols and procedures are different. Moreover, you need to use a specific document by using any of the last two solutions and becoming ready to face legal circumstances, if any.

There are various countries where still the applicability of e-signature is an issue. But, there are chances that these countries will also introduce the e-sign concept in their working methods in the future. 

Another important aspect to mention here is that electronic and digital signatures are different. So, before engaging in a particular solution, you must be aware of what you are buying. , digital signature solutions are more advanced. By using this specific type, it is a must for the signer to authenticate his identity.

Future validity must be in your mind

Once we have completed the documents, it does not mean that the task has been finished accordingly. Factually, we may need to verify the documents to check the validity even after completing the project. Therefore, while using the best E-Signature online app, you should go for time stamping. For that, you need a trusted time-stamping authority that provides you the facility to prove the irrefutability and independence of those who signed the document at the time of signing. More importantly, TSA also examines whether there is an alteration in the document during this period.

Timestamping is a must to make the documents legally binding. Sometimes, you need to present these customized contracts in front of the courts to resolve disputes, if any. When we use long-term validation for electronic signatures, we have proof of signing and valid signer credentials. Furthermore, there are no changes or alterations in the document according to long-term validation (LTV). In this way, documents remain valid even after the expiry date of the contract.

E-signature Online offers an authorized and efficient solution to businesses

The most significant benefit of electronic signature apps is that many companies have stopped paper and ink used in their organizations. In this way, they make documentation effective, efficient, and time-saving. They do not make prints, use courier services, check and approve the documents manually, and store them in the physical storage. Moreover, they live in the digital world where remote working becomes easier and more convenient.

For those companies where thousands of documents are needed to authorize daily, signing the documents manually is a hectic task. Bulk signing by using digital signatures online makes the whole system automated and efficient.

More interestingly, signing on behalf of business becomes easier in this digital world because there are e-seals with signing keys. It means that your remote workers can perform his tasks without presenting him physically for signing the documents on behalf of your company.

High-trust authorization and validation

Now, it is not necessary to travel to sign the document in person. Previously, it was not preferred, but companies have started realizing it due to the current pandemic. Many qualified electronic signature online apps offer Qualified Remote signing to sign the document using all smart devices, like laptops, tablets, and smartphones. In this way, you also do not need to use USB tokens or smartcards anymore.