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How to Get More SERPs for Branded Organic Search?

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Do you want to own the top ranking search engine page result of your brand name?

Here, we have 6 different ways to achieve branded organic search on the SERP.

Organic search results are now taking a different turn than before. Now, page 1 of Google search is dominated by media files, videos, images, & paid ads.

At this juncture, how is that possible to gain that top search ranking of your organic keyword?

Well, it is difficult to obtain that position. And, get dragged away by the above results and your brand organic search result might go down to page 2.

To achieve your objective, we are here to provide you with 4 actionable insights to start boosting your search presence.

Here, we will be covering the major touch points as follows:

  • Major challenges of getting the organic search status on Page 1.
  • How to implement On-SERP SEO?
  • 4 ways to boost your branded organic search on SERPs.

Challenges of SERP Organic Searches

SERP has become more competitive than ever. There are different kinds of media results you see while searching for anything. As a result, brand organic searches are going down more than unexpected. As a result, brand organic searches are going down more than unexpected.

Despite doing all the hard work on the organic SEO of a brand, media results get the maximum traction. And, they are better referred to as position zero with zero-click searches.

Solution Lies with ON-SERP SEO

From the above information, it is a clear fact that getting position 1 is not that easy for brands relying on an organic marketing strategy.

It is necessary to optimize the complete Page 1 results to get as much traction as possible. On-SERP SEO is the solution that helps to increase the branded search results and appear on the SERPs, especially on page 1.

Things to consider as per the new organic strategy implemented the best SEO company in India:

  • First, define your target pages and select the targeting search terms
  • Make the best out of featured snippets to increase searches
  • Decreased the rate of CTR to gain organic results

Follow 4 Actionable Ways to Optimize your Brand Organic Searches

  1. Optimize your Top 10 Ranking Keywords

This strategy is ideal in terms of earning your position at the featured snippets. It is because; Google pulls the data from the top 10 rankings & populate the snippets accordingly.

You can follow a 2-step strategy here

#Step 1: Check your current organic ranking

The very first move on your part is to check the organic ranking of your branded site and see which of those keywords earn snippets.

Doing this little exercise will help you determine your most targeted keywords and target pages to optimize the same.

You need to do all this to provide the user what he/she is looking at the SERP and in the form of featured snipped. This can be of any time including a list, table, text, and video.

#Step 2: What kind of featured snippet is visible?

In general, featured snippets are visible in terms of long-tail tails. You need to try it visible in the form of question-based queries. To achieve this, add question-based keywords or terms to the subhead of the content.

Doing this will make the user’s search more precise. All the more important is Google pulling out the list and adds data directly in the search result.

2. Optimize for Google Sitelinks

Another tip is to optimize the Google SiteLinks that display the most searched results on the SERPs. It helps to display the most important pages of your website.

You can do this by creating a clear navigational structure with having strong internal links to the pages along with anchor text and alt tags. Surely speaking, it will increase your chances of Google displaying your siteLinks.

3. Add Appropriate Schema Markup

Schema markup helps Google to understand the business and product pages of your website. For this, you can review the different types of schema markup and implement the necessary changes to achieve desired results. 

This step allows you to display a star rating within your organic search result and earn the credibility of users.

4. Optimize Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the best possible ways to earn respective brand searches on the results page.

All you have to do is sign up for Google My Business and verify your listing with Google. It will help in increasing your presence on Google Maps.

Additionally, you need to fill in relevant details of your business from address, amenities, and features. You have to make sure to create a lengthy Google My Business listing.

Getting organic branded keywords search ranking is no longer a simple formula. You need to follow a unique and extraordinary marketing strategy. Count on the expertise of a professional SEO company India that follows the innovative On-SERP SEO strategy.

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