How to help the elderly stay mentally and physically fit.

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Old age is a natural phenomenon that we are all destined to experience at some point in our lives. Many people fear old age, so they spend their lives earning and saving up to make sure they can lead a comfortable life after retirement. However, old age does not only require physical comfort. The elderly long for emotional fulfillment too.  One should make a special effort to stay in touch with elderly relatives. Use a free chat app to make calls to your parents, grandparents, or other elderly relatives daily. NEEO Messenger is a video calling app that enables users to make crystal clear calls. No matter how busy your life is, always remember to take time out for your parents, grandparents, or anyone else who helped you out at some point in life.

When people turn old, not only do they shrink a little physically, but they tend to become vulnerable like children. At this stage in their lives, they need their loved ones to be most patient and supportive. Many people who grow old feel useless and hopeless. They begin to think of themselves as liabilities and stop caring for themselves as they should. With this type of attitude, not only does their health get affected, but the entire environment of a house becomes dismal. Below are some of the ways to help elderly members of your household stay mentally and physically fit:

  1. Show them lots of affection:

In old age, people are not only physically fragile, but they also grow more emotionally sensitive. They may not be very expressive, but just the way children need affection and warmth, so do the elderly. Give your grandmother a hug and a kiss every morning and every night before you go to sleep. Little things like greeting her as soon as you wake up and saying goodnight before going to sleep will mean the world to her. If there are children in the house, they can be a great source of happiness and joy for the elderly. Children should be encouraged to spend at least an hour or two with their grandparents.

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  • Make their surroundings cheerful:

The realization that one is getting old can be very depressing, especially if the person is ill. Patients suffering from depression feel hopeless and often think about death. Some old-aged people have to remain confined to one room because they are bedridden. Try to make that one room as vibrant as possible for them. Install bright lights and add color to their room by placing fresh flowers where they can see them. Have the room cleaned up thoroughly, and keep the windows open for sunlight and fresh air. Gift a user-friendly smartphone to your grandparents and teach them how to make a call and send a text message. Install a free chat app on their phones to help them contact their loved ones whenever they feel lonely.

  • Have at least one meal of the day with them:

You might have noticed your old relatives getting fussy about the food they eat. This repulsion from food is often not deliberate. With age, even if they want to, they can’t enjoy meals as they used to in their youth. They probably want to enjoy their food, but they can’t chew it properly, or their taste buds become ineffective. At other times they are strictly advised to take only bland foods due to health issues. In any case, you can help them enjoy their meals by being a pleasant company. If you are physically away from your elderly relatives, use your video calling app to make a call.

  • Give them puzzles to solve:

For many, the greatest fear associated with old age is loss of memory. A more severe form of memory loss, known as dementia, can be life-threatening for the patient. The patient forgets even basic things such as whether or not they ate and drank or went to the toilet. In worst-case scenarios, they tend to forget the names of their loved ones and begin to think of them as strangers. To keep the elderly from losing their memory, you should give them crossword puzzles to solve. Keep a family time where all members of the family can play cards and board games.

  • Encourage some form of physical activity:

For various reasons, many people become physically inactive when they grow old. Naturally, it takes more effort to move around, but there’s also a lack of motivation. However, whether or not they realize it, circulation is essential for their health. Even if someone can’t run, jog, or even walk on their own, they need circulation for their joints and other parts of the body. Encourage your elderly family members to walk outside and bathe in the Sun for a while each day.  Sunlight can work wonders for all sorts of physical ailments. If, for some reason, they can’t move around on their own, hire a physiotherapist for regular sessions.

Keep reminding your parents and grandparents of how much they are needed. It will strengthen their will to live. Some people grow softer with age, while some become more stubborn. Regardless of their temperament, they need to be cared for adequately. Sometimes it may be physically impossible for you to be near your elderly relatives. You can use NEEO Messenger, the free chat app, to share pleasant memories in the form of pictures and videos. Use your video calling app to wish your elderly relatives on every special occasion. No matter what, never neglect your elders and remember that someday you’ll grow old too.