Guide to Organizing a Catered Event to Impress your Audience

catered event

You don’t need to organize a catered event if you are going with the same old-fashioned event style. The audience is always waiting for something new, and you should come up with that new stuff. Let your forthcoming catered event present some delicious meals and not-so-obvious ones. Since these events are known for offering sub-par food, you should not disappoint your guests. This article will walk you through some steps to show you how to go about things. From knowing your guests to enlisting items on your menu, everything is explained. Keep reading to learn more!

Steps on how to organize a catered event:

After you have decided on the event day, next comes the interesting part. How to go about the entire event? The journey is totally exciting, and you will learn numerous things on the way. The safest way to throw a successful event is to join hands with expert event companies in Dubai. Are you keen to learn how to organize it? Go through the following steps!

1. Know your guests’ profile:

The list of attendees for a catered occasion can go from a little assembling of companions to an enormous social group of experts. The first step towards a successful event is knowing who will be coming to attend the event. Who are the guests, and what is their makeup?

 If you are inviting business persons, they are always busy attending conferences. You cant impress them with mediocre food. Keep your audience profile in mind while planning your menu.

2. Know their preferences:

As an event organizer, you should plan a menu that will please your guests. Once you know the guests’ profiles, now is the time to know their preferences as well. Tailor your menu option according to the needs of your audience, and you will see it as a success factor. You need to take into consideration the following points:

  • Do your guests have adventurous palates and enjoy spicier food?
  • Do they prefer more ethnic menu options?
  • Do they like seafood?
  • Do your guests have dietary restrictions?
  • Are they vegetarian?

The thing is to choose a menu that your guests will enjoy. After all, you are seeking your event’s success.

3. Anticipate any special needs:

Talk about the dietary restrictions; they are at their peak today. Every second person has the issue, and you have to address it in your event by anticipating it. Before finalizing your menu, it is better to consider if any of your guests have any dietary needs. Some of the special food considerations are given in the coming lines.

  • Food intolerances
  • Food allergies
  • Religious/ethnic food requirements
  • Voluntary dietary restrictions

4. Provide alternative menus:

Not all of your guests need to have the same taste. You have to ensure your guests enjoy the event and so you can offer alternative food options to them. Several appetizers, buffet, and entrée choices can make their day. Consider these various menu options while the planning process is still on.

Being a first-timer, you might think about what should be on the menu card. Don’t panic! You can consider the following points as your guide:

  • Offer two or more entrée choices to please both the meat lovers and vegetarians
  • Offer various salad courses with different salad dressings
  • Offer various sweets options (cakes and cookies)

5. Ensure a comfortable setup:

The venue layout matters the most when you are counting the event success factors. You can’t afford to ignore the seating arrangement at any cost. Mae sure your room layout matches your event goals and the food to be served. Round cocktail tables or separate tables? The choice depends on your room setup and layout.

Whatever the setup may be, ensure the guests are well seated. Does it sound too complicated for you? Don’t worry! You can hire expert event companies in Dubai to help you out in the matter.

6. Plan a service style:

Another important thing you should keep in mind is the alignment of service style with event timing. You know timing is everything. It is necessary to choose a service style that will match your event timing. Do you have a plan for guests on the go? If no, you should consider adding lunch or meal boxes to the table for these guests.

Since catered events are normally completed in an hour, your service should be quick and efficient enough. Be it a sit-down or stand-and-serve meal service, make sure you don’t mess with the event timing.

Throw a memorable event with event professionals!

Be it a corporate event or a family gathering; you always need a helping hand. The services of professional event organizers are matchless when it comes to putting on a fantastic show. From event catering to lighting and attending to the guests, they look out for everything. Consider hiring them for your next event to make it a success!