IELTS Writing tips and Strategies – Master the Writing Task

Ielts exam

Do you know the IELTS Writing task is the most scoring part in the IELTS test? Yes, it holds lots of marks and if you are well versed with the tips and tricks then no one can stop you from scoring great scores in IELTS. In this particular task you will surely be asked to write 250 words of essay. At this point you are required to follow a few tips which will help you score great in the IELTS test. You have to start with an introduction and end the essay with full analysis. Presence of full conclusion is the most important requirement of any passage. 

To secure good marks in IELTS test the students are required to be equipped with efficient tips and tricks. If you also plan to score 8+ bands in the IELTS exam? Connect with the Best IELTS institute in Jalandhar which will not only help you to score great but also help you to build up your personality.

Underneath are few tips and strategies that will help you to score good in IELTS: 

  • Responses of handwritten:  Currently computer based exam is prominently in use as compared to handwritten IELTS exam. So if you are a student and you are planning to take a handwritten IELTS exam, you should try to practise the IELTS writing test using paper and pen. With this you can measure the entire speed of your writing task this will surely help you to keep a track on the time. This will surely help you to perform full time management to score great in IELTS exam.  
  • Timing: As we all are fully aware that timing is very vital in the entire writing test. The writing speed of many students differs according to their caliber. The students can improve their writing task by practising different mock papers. In order to improve the speed of writing tests you are required to make an outline of the essay with proper structure. For instance: give 5 to 10 minutes for making the outline of the essay, 30 minutes for writing the entire essay and 5 to 10 minutes for proofreading the essay. This particular step will not only help you keep full track on the time but also help in completing the paper in sufficient time. 
  • Formal Writing: The students are required to write easy in the most formal way.  This implies you ought to write the essay similarly as you form the report for school or office. Try not to utilize any slang, which you use while talking. There are few steps which you are required to follow when formulating the essay. As we are crystal clear with the fact that essay writing requires a formal way of writing with deep knowledge about things. Follow the few basic steps that can easily help you score great in IELTS writing task:
  • Pick your ideas according to different paragraph 

As we know that there is proper structure for writing any type of essay, you are required to follow proper format so that your essay will look extremely professional. For making any type of essay you are required to learn the proper format of making the essay. The invigilator will only give you full marks if you follow the full order for writing the essay. Always keep in mind to learn various vocabulary so that invigilator will make out that you hold a great command over English. 

  • Attempt essay question in complete sentences

Whenever the student writes an essay, they should keep in mind that they are not should not leave any sentence incomplete. Try to conclude every sentence. If you will leave the sentence incomplete then it will surely portray a negative impression on the mind of the examiner. If you are making difficult sentences then you are required to add proper connectors for connecting one sentence to another.  

  • No repetition 

At the time of writing an essay the student should not repeat the ideas or phrases in the essay. Make sure that the essay will not revolve around only one point. Try to present different points to make your essay more reliable and constructive. Always bring new ideas while writing any topic this will surely enhance your writing skills. This can only be done with full practise and concentration

  • Increase your understanding: In the process of writing an essay, you are required to understand the question in a proper manner. As we all know there are different types of questions present in the paper. The appearing candidate should keep in mind to read them with full concentration. The candidate needs to write different pointers to solve the question. This will not only help them make a constructive base but also help them score well in that specific section. Wondering how you can perform better time management? If yes, connect with a remarkable institute for IELTS coaching in Ludhiana. 


Follow the above mentioned tips to score great marks in the upcoming IELTS exam. This will surely help you pass with flying colors. All the best students.