Impact of social media and video calling apps on academic ?


Since the past few years, chat messenger apps have become a major part of our lives. People of all ages have grown accustomed to using video calling apps, such as NEEO Messenger, to keep themselves emotionally and mentally stable. Social media has become popular among people of all ages, and youngsters in particular. The main purpose of online chat apps is to help people connect without meeting physically. Students can exchange notes with other fellow students and even interact with teachers online. Social media has had a considerable impact on academic progress, but there are always two sides to a coin. Below are some of the favorable and unfavorable effects of social media on academic progress

  1. Gaining inspiration from high achievers:

Not all students can afford to go to expensive universities, but they can get good quality education online. Social media helps them connect with learned people from all around the world. They can interact with an intellectual group of friends who motivate them to strive harder for academic success. Also, when students get to see impressive social media profiles of high achievers, they feel inspired. There’s also a sense of healthy competition.

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  • Getting tips from experts:

Students can excel in any subject, whether it is Arts or Business Studies. Although reading is a must for every field, a live discussion with real professionals provides additional benefits. A student of Arts may, for instance, might experience confusion while trying to figure out what topic to pick for his thesis project. Discussing his ideas with someone more experienced in the field will help him find a suitable direction for his work. Experts from the business world can provide internship opportunities to students who seek practical experience.

  • Studying in groups:

Group studying is an essential part of exam or project preparation. But with their insanely hectic lifestyles, students often find it hard to meet each other physically. They can easily interact via video calling apps and share study material using its instant messaging feature. Students can circulate online surveys for data collection using their chat messenger apps. They can even translate documents using a chat translation feature. While working together, there is less pressure, and students can work towards their goals with more positivity.

  • Too many distractions:

While some students can use social media to their benefit, others can sabotage their academic records. Social media can be a fatal source of distraction for students who already have a hard time concentrating on their studies. While they are trying to study, notifications keep popping up on the side which immediately distracts them. Students should limit the usage of social media so they don’t end up wasting all their time. Due to the distractive nature of social media, students find it hard to understand, then memorize concepts for their tests and examinations.

  • Weakens grasp over language:

Excessive use of social media apps can have an unfavorable impact on language skills. Social media slang can make you forget your etiquette in real-life communication. It can also weaken your grasp of language since there’s a lot of content on display that is grammatically incorrect. Over usage of social media can make you forget the correct spellings of words. Social media users generally use an informal tone while communicating with each other. And when it’s time for college assignments, the casual style creeps into your work and makes you lose marks.

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  • Dampens research skills:

Asking people for solutions is not the same as doing thorough research to find an answer. Some students use social media as a shortcut. This attitude takes away from the learning process. When a student knows he can get the answer from one of his online friends, he won’t go through the trouble of reading books or other material. Social media makes the process of learning easy and convenient for students. However, students should not depend on social media alone for a solution to every problem.

There are many pros and cons of social media usage for students. But one can’t generalize whether it is good or bad for the student because it mainly depends on how an individual uses it. Chat messenger apps are vital for connecting with peers and professors in times of distress. When you are having a hard time working on an assignment, it always helps to brainstorm ideas. Video calling apps, like NEEO Messenger, provide a crystal clear calling facility, so you discuss academic matters with clarity.

One of the best ways to introduce the last tip to your daily communication is to chat in NEEO Messenger at least once a day. You can chat with your friends or meet a stranger and start a conversation with him. Remember all the ‘rules of positivity’ and make every conversation charming!