Important things to remember before buying a smartphone

Realme mobile phone

A smartphone has many parts working in coordination to give you a blazing experience in every task on a daily basis. An advanced smartphone has an excellent processor, high-speed RAM, excellent camera setup, and many other key features to become a prominent choice. However, it doesn’t mean that an advanced smartphone is more worthy. 

In 2021, most brands are manufacturing devices that are appealing to customers with their specs sheet. Putting a triple or quad camera setup can help to grab more attention from buyers than anything else. If you look for Realme mobile phone and other options, you can find that the eye-catchy design and premium in-hand feel of a phone helps such brands make money. 

However, what matters in a phone? Is it camera setup or the gimmicky features that will never continue in the future? Well, here are some of the essential aspects that you can look after while buying a smartphone – 

Operating System 

Two operating systems are widely popular for their intensive user base, iOS, and Android. There is no doubt that iOS is a well-polished platform due to limitations, but Android isn’t behind as if you love customization. 

Among both OS, you can choose the right one based on your preferences. iOS is a great option for those who don’t want to customize and tweak features. If you want complete control of your smartphone, then Android offers better flexibility to its users. 


If you ask, what’s the primary feature that makes a smartphone better then the answer is, Processor. A smartphone processor does every task from running the operating system to the quality camera setup. So, it is always important to look for devices which offer fast processor. 

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The manufacturers use snapdragon, MediaTek, Apple A Bionic, and many other processors. Snapdragon is excellent in making an energy-efficient powerful processor, and the same goes for A bionic chips from Apple. 

Buyers can consider their budget and then make a list of the best smartphone processors that are available in their budget. 

Camera Setup

To take stunning low-light photos and post them to your social media, a smartphone that captures high-resolution photos and videos is the best one. You can consider the Realme smartphone as the manufacturer uses 48MP and 108MP camera sensors. The best part is, you can expect an excellent triple camera setup in Realme phones under 15000. If you are focused on making content for your social media and want more flexibility with editing stuff, you should also consider a front-facing camera. 

Design and Build Quality

A well-built smartphone premium in-hand feel gives a great sense. Most manufacturers are shifting to metal body smartphones to provide better sturdiness and less flex in the body. If you go for high-end devices, then you can find a wireless charging feature.

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The design part of a phone is dependent on the camera setup and its look. Most people opt for a quad-camera setup, but having a camera bump might be less impressive. The design and looks of a smartphone are perspective parts. 


Smartphones with a 6-inches display are adequate for great usability. You can browse media, play games, and shoot videos with the device. The best part is, you need a display that offers at least 1080p resolution in 2021. A smartphone with a higher PPI (Pixel Per Inch) provides crisp quality. There is higher clarity, and you can find details in movies, videos, and photos. Gamers should look after displays that offer higher-refresh-rate also. 


This guidepost is focused on budget-friendly smartphones, and RAM in such devices is usually between 4GB to 6GB. It would be an excellent choice to buy a smartphone that offers at least 6GB RAM in 2021. 

Getting higher RAM makes your smartphone future-proof, which means you can keep using the same device for many more years. You can expect better usability out of the smartphone, and there will be fewer issues with the device. 

Security Features

Biometric security features like Finger Print or Facial Reorganization are always the best ones to provide excellent expective. In budget smartphones, the under-display fingerprint scanner is widely popular in the past couple of years. You can get such smartphones that provide a fingerprint scanner at the side of your smartphone or below the camera bump. Unlocking your smartphone becomes easier with this method. 

The best part is, security features among such devices are excellent except for facial recognition because it works using your camera. Relying on facial recognition during the dark is unreliable, and it won’t work always. 


Apart from the above-mentioned aspects, checking out reviews of a smartphone can help learn about flaws like overheating issues, bugs in software, and more. Keep in mind, a smartphone with an excellent processor and battery is always reliable to use for many upcoming years. 

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