K-Pop Idol Fashion: How to Dress Like BTS When You’re Broke

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Getting addicted to K-pop lately? Want to dress up like BTS? Although you may not have the money to buy Jungkook’s Gucci button-up shirts, and there might be times when you had to question the members’ style choices, these amazing boys surely know how to dress to impress and make any girl swoon. 

This K-pop international sensation and phenomena can definitely teach us a lot of things, from their appearance on stage to award shows to their iconic airport outfits and to their everyday fashion. More and more people around the world are recognizing their influence in fashion. In this article, we’re going to share with you some style tips from each BTS member’s fashion so you can make your wardrobe more BTS-inspired. 

BTS Jin (Oversized T-Shirts)


BTS members love to wear oversized t-shirts, especially when it comes to streetwear. Worldwide handsome, Jin, personally prefers wearing pink oversized tees. He is famous for being an icon of oversized clothes of BTS. If you do wish to dress up like Jin’s oversized fashion, it’s important that you take note of the outerwear being proportionate and balanced. Otherwise, you will look as if you’re still growing into your outfit. 

Jin usually pairs his oversized shirt with well-fitted jeans with a hole or two. Then you can use sneakers or dress shoes like how he does. Aside from that, you can incorporate a pastel tone that can look stylish and can attract more eyes as Jin normal does with pink outfits. 

BTS Jung Kook (Button-Up Shirts) 


Although Jung Kook is the ‘maknae’ or the youngest member, he has his own way of showing his unique style. He has a simple style yet striking. Most of the time he wears Gucci and Prada’s rocking button-up shirts. Aside from that, he also likes wearing Raf Simons outerwear, and Undercover. If you like Jung Kook’s style, you may try wearing a bowling shirt or double-breasted button-up from WTAPS or Monitaly. Moreover, a cool shirt with a pair of Saint Laurent’s jeans will complete the whole set. 

BTS Suga (Leather and Black) 


A leather jacket is definitely one of the staples in BTS’s closet. It can transform any simple outfit to be edgier and more alluring. BTS Suga is usually the one who loves wearing quality leather and black. Today’s standards refer to his style as softcore. He would wear a pair of quality leather jackets with a plain black shirt and jeans from either Saint Laurent or Calvins. Suga also likes to wear a subtle eye shadow with darker mascara. So, if you are into Suga’s style, you may consider making your outfit feel more monochrome through a dark jacket or overcoat from Mastermind Japan or Visvim. 

BTS RM (Japanese Streetwear and General Street Style)


The group leader, RM, is known for having a style that’s constantly changing over time and dynamic. He likes to play around with unique looks and combinations. It’s obvious that his favourite styles are general street style and Japanese streetwear. For example, he would wear WTAPS’ vibrant-coloured outerwear and Visvim’s denim shorts. If you like to take inspiration from RM’s style, try going with a matching short sleeve shirt with a combination of shorts. 

BTS J-Hope (Bright-Coloured Outfits) 


The hope and sunshine of the group, J-Hope, loves to wear bright-coloured outfits with bold combinations, the opposite of Suga’s style. You would see him wearing denim shorts and 5-inch inseam options from the brands like Patagonia. To copy J-Hope’s actual look, try adding a bucket hat or cap to match the fit. You will surely look like the cool dancing king instantly!

BTS V (High-Fashion)


Taehyung or V can be easily mistaken as a model the minute he walks in the room. He has an excellent taste for high fashion. V’s styles are usually inspired by the lookbooks of Louis Vuitton and Gucci. You would see him in a boldly coloured button-up with some classy wide-leg trousers. Jewellery also plays a huge role in V’s style, he wears plenty of them. If you want to snatch his style, start by wearing minimal jewellery with the spectacular outfit we’ve mentioned. 

BTS Jimin (Playful and Vibrant) 


Jimin may be the cutest member of BTS, but when it comes to style, you can say he’s the most fashionable. A lot of fans consider him the most stylish since his fashion reminds of A$AP Rocky and Timothy Chalamet. He likes to wear bold and vibrant patterned shirts from brands like Raf Simons and Gucci matched with Calvin Klein plain trousers. If you like to try out Jimin’s fashion style, consider wearing a patterned shirt in an oversized fit with some nice denim for a more casual and relaxed look.

Have your fashion choices been influenced by BTS lately? If it’s a yes, share with us your favourite BTS outfit in the comments below! 

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