Kheerganga Trek – A complete beginners’ travel guide

Kasol Kheerganga trek

The Kheerganga Trek takes you to the Parvati Valley on a journey through one of its many secrets. Set deep in Pradesh Himachal, the views of this trek reinforce the terrain’s depth and slowly unveil them. This tour also allows you to explore the region’s beautiful and unique culture.

In the Parvati valley, at the banks of the river Parvati, between Bhuntar and Manikaran, Kasol, a beautiful village in Himachal Pradesh, is situated. Its savvy weather and its pristine climate make the travelers amazing. During the summer season, Kasol remains very crowded. It’s renowned for its Israeli food. Kasol also provides a wide variety of tobacco, hash and weeds.

Kasol is a picturesque village which falls under Kullu District. The river Parvati adds a beautiful view of the peaceful village. The town is about 40 km from the Kullu hill station, while the capital of Himachal, Shimla, is about 228.8 km away.

A trekking to Kheerganga makes perfect sense for an upcoming trip, if you are a beginner, or a backpacker looking for a walk into the Himalayas of Pradesh. The trip to Parvati Valley is one of the most popular trips.

Mythology of Kheerganga

Kheerganga has a rich history, an important destination both for Hindus and Sikhs. Let’s take a closer look before we enter the tour guide.

Parvati and Kartikeya

To Kheerranga for his meditation and prayers, Kartikeya, the son of Shivji and Parvati. The legends say that Parvati would cook rice pudding (Kheer) itself in this water because of the presence of warm water sources in the region. This is why it is the greyish colour and the river’s milkfish teint!

Kalyug Story

Kheer was out of the world at Satyug when Shivji and Parvati Ji visited the site. However Purushotam was asked by Parvati Ji to turn the Kheer into water, and they knew that (along with us) the Kalyug people would fight over it.

Gurunanak visiting Kheerganga

Guru Nanak Singh Ji visited his staunch disciple, Bhai Mardana, during Udasi. Bhai Mardana was starving during one of those visits, but there was no food. Bhai Bhai Mardana went to guru Nanak Ji to collect the Langar’s Aata (flour). But the chapatis had no fire in the vicinity to cook.

How to reach Kheerganga Trek

Guru Nanakji asked Mardana to remove a huge stone from here – and there was a hot spring. When the Rotis was sunk by Mardana, the Rotis fell. Following Guru Nanak Ji’s advice, Mardana requested the Rotis to fly back, and he pays it to feed others as well. The Rotis floated back to the surface, baked completely.

Thus, whoever gives in God’s name, will always have meaningful karma to follow him with good intentions.

By Air

Kullu Manali Airport in Bhuntar is the closest airport to Kasol. Bhuntar flights are quite limited, and the reliability is also possible, apart from the frequency. For your continuous journey here, taxis and buses are available. Mohali Airport in Chandigarh, about 300 kM away, is the next (safer, reliable) option.

By Train

Joginder Nagar is the nearest train station. You can rent a cab and reach Kasol in less than 4 hours.

By Road

Of course, the easiest way to reach the Pavati Valley is. Delhi-Kasol is approximately 12 hours’ driving time, and covers around 565 kms. For an easy, memorable trip take tonnes of pit stops.

For the most part, the roads from Delhi to Kasol are good. All of them are known thanks to the Parvati Valley, particularly among foreign tourists. However, the views are incredible and make up for the long road trip to Parvati valley.

By Bus

Many public transportation buses travel from ISBT, Delhi to Bhuntar overnight. Starting with INR 1500, Volvo/Mercedes buses will be available. A bus takes you around 8 hours from Chandigarh.

You must change buses from Bhuntar to Manikaran and get off at Kasol. You must go to Mikaran.


Taxis are available at all major stations (airports, trains, bus stops), especially when you get off at the railway station, so be prepared to haggle. But booking a prepaid taxi service would be the best way of doing this. There are also cabs for sharing here.

Kheerganga Itinerary

Depending on your fitness level the 13 km trail from Barshaini to Kheerganga should take you about 4-6 hours. Don’t forget to list the things you need to go on a trek.

Reach Kasol

Access Kasol through your preferred transport mode and enjoy the village’s hippy scenes. It’s a nice hamlet full of foreigners in Himachal and has an innate charm you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Reach Barshaini and Start your Kheerganga Trek

Leave early in the morning, but make sure you get to Barshaini the day before – as it is difficult to take a taxi/bus in the am. 6 is a perfect time to move up.