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Launch A Robust Practo Clone & Win The Healthcare Market

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You were looking to launch an app that can make your customers free from the burden of waiting long to consult their health specialist? And you heard about Practo clone and what to read about it? Well, you have stopped at the right place. I know you are here to learn about its working module, benefits you get as an entrepreneur, profit and much more. Let me tell you without boring you much. So let us start with what it is, and then we will go deep.

What is a Practo clone app?

Practo clone app is a robust on-demand doctor application that is 100% customizable and a highly scalable solution. This on-demand doctor app has made the work more accessible than calling hospitals or clinical and booking an appointment. Also, they don’t want to wait in a long queue and spend long hours until their chance or time comes. All these time-consuming works were made easy and comfortable just by sitting at your home. In a single touch, the patients can connect with their doctors on their mobile screen whenever they feel like they have some health issue.

Deciding to launch an app like Practo would be the best decision you have taken, especially when everybody is looking for one such. Through Practo clone script, the patients can connect their doctors to book an appointment.

You might not be knowing anything about it but have got a mind to launch it just for your customers. Right? No worries! This blog can help completely guide you and clear all your queries and doubts. Just hold on patiently and read it thoroughly. You will be confident enough to launch this soon. 

Before jumping to all its features and working modules, first, let’s jump to the cost of this app because developing an app from scratch can cost higher. But we make it more cost-effective for you. Do you have a thought like developing a clone application of a top tier application is illegal? No! If a clone application developed in the right way, then this is not an unlawful thing. 

Benefits Of Practo Clone

1.Effortless Coding

2.High Demand

3.Increase in Revenue

4.Reduce Communication

Key Features Of This App That Makes The Work Easy And Simple

Let’s see the features of this doctor booking app that makes the work so compelling. The smoother and user-friendly features can improve the experience between the doctor and patient through our Practo clone application.

View doctor details-

 Allowing users to view the complete information of doctors registered with the platform can help them make informed choices.

Toggle mode-

Doctors can go online or offline as per their convenience and update the status in the app using the toggle mode.

Schedule appointment-

Users can book consultations with their doctors instantly based on their availability.

Video conferencing

Connecting patients with doctors over video calls to seek their remote consultations is an excellent option to eliminate time and travel costs.

Update medical records-

Storing medical records in digital formats in the app can help patients and doctors access them whenever needed.

Digital prescriptions-

Enabling doctors to share digital prescriptions is a great way to purchase medicines effortlessly from pharmacies.

In-app messaging-

Users can readily chat with their doctors via the in-app chat option to seek quick answers for their health-related queries.

Now let us see the step-by-step process involved to create such an app.

Requirement Study

o Analyze the business needs

o In-depth competitor analysis

o Finalize the feature set and the technology stack

UI/UX customization

o White-label the app

o Remodel the branding elements

o Intuitive user interface setup

Back-end development

o Personalization of the back end

o Integration of third-party APIs

o Necessary storage capabilities

App Testing

o Security standards audit

o Storage and speed tests

o Fixing of all bugs and errors

Successful Launch

o Instant launch on Android and iOS platforms

o Server installation

o Support and maintenance

Many development companies serve the aim. But let us clarify why we stand out from all others and what reasons make us have an outstanding performance.

White-label Solutions-

Being white-labelled, the branding elements of our Practo clone can be completely personalized as per your branding needs.

Scalable Source Codes-

Our clone app’s source code is completely customizable and scalable.

Sleek Design-

Our designers create a user interface that allows your users to scroll through the app enthusiastically and effortlessly.

SEO-optimized Product-

Our Practo clone built keeping the SEO practices in mind to ensure your app ranked on top of search results.

Free Server Installation-

We provide you with free installation of our fully developed app on the server of your choice.

App Rejection Support-

If the app submitted for launch gets rejected, we immediately look into the issue, fix it, and submit it again to ensure its successful deployment.

24×7 Support-

We avail of support services all over the world. Time is never a shortcoming for us. You can reach out to us anytime you wish.

Secure Payments-

The Practo clone is integrated with multiple payment gateways to help users pay using any mode of their convenience.

Go Global-

The app supports multiple languages to help you scale your business on a global scale, without language constraints.


Practo clone is a most needed app, and launching can bring you a successful and profit earning business quickly. You can reach out to the most well-known app developing company that can make your dream come true.

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