launch your Amazon clone app to succeed in the e-commerce

amazon clone

In the field of e-commerce, Amazon is the biggest name. With almost 100 million users worldwide, Amazon’s market share is more than 16 countries combined. This might have intrigued you to have such an application. It’s possible to have an app like Amazon. In this Guest Post, you’ll check here leading amazon clone.

This is a great way to establish yourself in the field of e-commerce. You can create an amazon clone app with simple steps. But first, we’ll discuss why you should own an e-commerce platform.

What Is The Main Purpose Of Clone Scripts?

The clone scripts are made to help those entrepreneurs who are just starting their business in this field. This is a great thing that helps them to start their own online business effortlessly.
Another best part about the clone scripts is that it effectively eliminates the time as well as the cost of development of the business apps.

The entrepreneurs can focus on buying these clone scripts from any of the developers or service providers who can perfectly customize the scripts based on their preferences.
In the below-mentioned section, you will get to know about the top 10 best clone script providers of 2021. You can consider all of these options before making an effective choice for your particular needs.

Reasons To Get Started With E-Commerce

We know everyone uses the internet for shopping. An estimated 1.8 billion people purchase goods online. This is a huge number. It’s not just about buying something. People also visit an online platform to compare brands, prices, or to make a decision. Almost 63% of shopping begins online.

Well-established E-commerce platforms make a whooping online sales. The online sales in 2019 were worth $3.5 trillion and it’ll escalate to $6.5 trillion in 2023. These purchases were made by the consumers from the comfort of their homes. The majority of the consumer consider online shopping the best way to buy goods and services.

These numbers are the reason why you should own an e-commerce platform.

Steps To Create Amazon Clone App

Now lets, discuss how you can create an appealing amazon clone app that will attract customers for you.

Start With A Research

Either you’re creating software or an e-commerce platform, market research is the base. You must decide what services or products will be sold through the platform. This is the first step to start the process.

After making a decision, you must be aware of the targeted customers. If you know the behavior of your customers, you can add features according to their needs. You can optimize the online store to target the customers.

Now your competitors will help you. Observe the features and services offered by the competitor platforms. This will help you to figure out what can be the best for your platform.

Selecting The Features

As the research work is over, it’s time to find out the best features for your platform. You don’t have to experiment in the early stages. Try sticking to basic features. These features must be easy to use and necessary.

These are the features you must have:

  • Sign-up/log in: You must have this feature as this will help you to get information about the customer. Don’t rush the sign-up process. Let the customer explore the app as a guest.
  • Search Bar: This is one of the key features for a better user experience. A search bar will help users to find exactly what they are looking for.
  • Product Reviews: A product review will help you to get vital feedback from the customers. This will also increase the credibility of your brand.
  • Cart: A cart option is another essential one. It can’t be neglected.
  • Payment: You can integrate a payment gateway like PayPal that makes the process easy. Try giving multiple payment options.


A Simple Yet Appealing Interface

The design of your app will speak for you. It’ll be the first thing a user will notice. The design should be simple and subtle. Stick to the basic design ideas and don’t experiment.

Using user-friendly navigation is also essential. The customers shouldn’t have any issues while surfing through the application.

iOS Or Android?

Selecting the right platform is also very essential. This can only be done if you have a strong research report. You must know what the majority of the customers are using.

You can also launch the app on both platforms but this can be a bit costly.

Promoting The App

You can use social media to promote the application even before its launch. This will help to enhance brand awareness and your app will have a stretched user base.

Final Takeaways

This is how you can get started with an e-commerce platform. The cost of developing an app is around $10,000 to $30,000, this can depend on how many features you’re adding. You can reach out to app developing companies. Several companies can develop a clone app in quick succession. So don’t without wasting any time, start your research now.