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Lead and Command SERPs in 2021 with Featured Snippets SEO

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Search Engine Optimization cannot be ignored when it comes to getting success online. In the case of SEO, everyone has to create an effective and impressive plan by which they can get ranked in the search results quickly. All individuals put efforts to hold the #1 ranking position only. In all these things, featured snippets of Google play an important role. It provides a perfect way to get a hold of a top-ranking position. Here, you can get complete information about the featured snippets.

Featured Snippets – An Introduction

Featured snippets are a specific section that appears at the top of the search engine result pages. Mainly, it appears in the form of a box by highlighting the option. The actual position of a featured snippet is above the SERP ranking. It means if you have the #1 position, there are some chances of having someone above you.

In these conditions, the users or searchers will interact with the featured snippet suggestion and then proceed further. It is the biggest reason why everyone tries to target the featured snippet to get lots of traffic on the website. The availability of traffic will simply increase the chances of more conversions and making lots of profit.

The featured snippets will appear in the search results if Google finds your content completely relevant and suitable for answering the user’s query.

Types Of Featured Snippet

There is not any kind of specific featured snippet style available to hit that particular place. The featured snippet can appear in three different ways.


In case you write a blog or a piece of web content with some specific instructions (Step-by-step) or a guide, you can get an opportunity to hit the featured snippet.


Sometimes, the users want to get a perfect answer to their query. Such types of searches are made in the form of questions, why, when, whom, how, who, etc. Here, results in the featured snippets appear in the paragraph forms.


When it comes to charts, statistics, or comparisons, the results will appear in tables. Adding a table with relevant data to a page or post can help appear in the featured snippet.

Benefits Of Featured Snippets

There are multiple benefits associated with the featured snippets. Some major ones are –

Voice Search Results

We all know the increasing importance of voice searches these days. Many individuals start conducting voice searches by leaving previous typing and text-based methods behind. According to some experts, the voice search results are highly dominated by the featured snippets. In case your content or web page is eligible for the featured snippets, the chances of appearing in the voice search results are also higher.

Competition For #1 Ranking Position

In the online marketplace, all website owners are looking for solutions by which they can easily beat the #1 ranking holder. It is not a cakewalk. In case you do not get success in holding the #1 ranking position, you should try for the featured snippet. It is the only way that can make you superior to top-ranking holders. It also helps you grab the user’s attention and get more traffic compared to the first position.


Having your reference in the featured snippet will be useful in earning the trust of others. It can easily help you impress the audience and encourage them to access your website or sources quickly.

Tips To Get Ranked For Featured Snippets

If you are looking for ways to get ranked in the featured snippets, you have to focus on specific techniques or practices. In the following details, you can get information about some major tips for featured snippets.

Competitor Analysis

While putting lots of effort into SEO practices to get ranked higher, at that time, the biggest factor is proper market and competitor research & analysis. It is the only way by which you can gather some valuable insights to build an impressive strategy and achieve the online objectives. The same thing you should do when it comes to focusing on the featured snippets.

You should try to get help from the SEO audit tools and get a complete report about your competitor and their functioning. Based on these details, you can easily know what kind of SEO strategy they are following to hit the featured snippets. You have to improvise that particular strategy and develop a stronger one that can easily beat your competitor and place your website in the featured snippet section.

Word Count

Featured snippets are not something where you can act recklessly by adding lots of words or lengthy content. It is the place where accurate information or data appeared only. For such a thing, everyone needs to take care of proper word count as well. In case you fail to provide a proper answer to cover its major part within the word limits, you may lose the opportunity to achieve the feature snippets goal. No matter what type you are targeting, in all types word limit is available. You have to take care of that.

Use Images And Videos

All individuals do not have an interest in reading long textual contents and hence, get bored quickly. Here, some people change their approach and try to learn things via visual sources, like – images and videos. You should not forget to create this media content as well. If you create some videos, you have to add a proper voice in the video that explains it perfectly. In case the search engine gets impressed with all these things, your video may appear with content in the featured snippets. Here, you should try to keep the images and videos completely unique, creative, and easy to understand & connect.

Keyword Selection

In the case of search engine optimization results, the most crucial thing is the keywords. Normally, the individuals target keywords to hold top-notch SERP positions and start building backlinks regularly. If you focus on the featured snippets, normal keywords will not help. Such types of keywords do not trigger these types of results.

Mainly, the long-term keywords and focus phrases are considered the best pick. In such kinds of searches, the users explain their query perfectly, which can be useful in presenting the perfect results. Here, you should try to test all your keywords one by one on Google. It can help you figure out in which keyword your featured snippet will appear. After that, you should be focused on that particular keyword more as compared to others.

For proper keyword research and analytics, you should use different types of tools. There are multiple keyword tools available, such as – Ahrefs, Google Keyword Planner, Ubbersuggest, etc.

Avoid Featured Snippets That Don’t Lead To Traffic

Sometimes, featured snippets are not useful in getting traffic to the website. Here, the interested ones have to focus on various factors. Along with it, you need to take care of the details or data that will appear in the featured snippet. In case Google provides a proper and complete answer to the user’s query in the snippet, it does not lead to any click.

In these types of situations, you may not get the desired results that the hard work you have done. Make sure you are targeting the featured snippets only that can be useful in generating some clicks and getting traffic to the website only.

Regular Optimization

SEO results are not something that you can start sensing or experiencing after a few days only. It needs regular efforts and a good optimization strategy. In some cases, people start getting frustrated after a short period of time and stop the optimization procedures. Due to it, they do not get success in achieving their online goals.

You should not make such a mistake of taking steps back. You have to put effort regularly until you cannot see the post or page on page one. According to a study, it is proved that around 31% of featured snippet results appear from the #1 ranking positions. Around 90% of featured snippets results appear from the top five SERP ranking positions.

Regular optimization can help you get a good ranking position on the search engine result pages by which you can make things much better. On the other hand, if your website or sources are not ranking on the first page, the chances of hitting featured snippets are very low.

Proper Post Structure

By publishing well-written and informative content, you cannot achieve the goal of getting featured snippets. Here, you need to take care of proper content formatting as well. Formatting is useful in presenting the information effectively and clearly. It provides assistance in making the search engine understand regarding data you share. While formatting your content, you should check out the following things.

  • Use proper heading tags to differentiate your content.
  • Create lists by adding bullets
  • Add tables
  • Try to mention proper guides and instructions.

When it comes to the heading tags, you should try to expand as much as you can, such as – h1, h2, h3, h4, and so on.

Try To Figure Out Question

Featured snippets are all about the answer to the user’s query. To get your website to appear in the featured snippets, you should try to analyze everything and figure out the query’s main question. If you get success in understanding the question, you should try to provide a perfect answer.

Final Words

These are some major details about the featured snippets, their importance, and a perfect way to achieve them. For all these things, you have to get help from professionals. At Webomaze, you can avail the best SEO services.

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