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How is Linux VPS UK better than other web hosting services?

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The virtual private server hosting has drawn a huge percentage of website owners towards it because of its affordability and high reliability. It enables you to obtain uninterrupted hosting service and matchless server performance. Although the VPS forms a part of a physical server along with other virtual private servers, it functions independently. Your website acquires a private hosting environment and dedicated resources with VPS hosting.

Moreover, there are different types of VPS hosting as per the operating system that runs on the server’s base. In this article, you will get insights into how Linux VPS UK can be the perfect hosting solution for your website. Let us begin with comprehending what exactly is Linux virtual private server hosting. 

What is a Linux VPS UK server?

The Linux virtual private server hosting involves a Linux operating system that functions at the base of the server. Linux operates as an open-source operating system. Thus, it is free and consequently, the VPS hosting with Linux costs much less than other hosting servers. Software such as  SSH, CGI, FrontPage Extensions,  PHP/Perl, ROR, Java, Python, etc., are highly compatible with Linux OS. 

The Linux VPS UK is less resource-hungry than other servers. You do not need to request a routine reboot even during the heavy load on the server. Further, Linux is specifically devised in order to support SSH. The management of the virtual private server can be easily carried out with the usage of the command line. Also, your website gets considerable security with Linux servers, as only system administrators obtain the editing and security rights. 

Moreover, you either get the cPanel control panel or WHM (Web Host Manager with the Linux system. Both of them are popular and effective hosting management tools, which are also easy to employ. They are also highly efficient when it comes to FTP and SSH user management. As Linux is an open-source platform, its users acquire the support of the open-source community. 

Beneficial features of VPS UK

You can attain the following features for your website while making it host on the virtual private server –

  • The VPS UK comes with dedicated resources and an independent hosting environment for your website.
  • Your web hosting company will provide you with full root access to your server. This root control of your server will let you run and manage it at your convenience. 
  • Virtual private hosting lets you modify or customize your entire hosting server in the way most suitable for your website. 
  • You get the possibility to scale up your web resources with the VPS UK as your website grows or advances. 
  • Your website becomes capable of delivering the optimal performance to your end-users when hosted in the virtual and private hosting platform. 
  • You will also become capable of enabling your website to acquire the highest possible ranking on the search engines. 
  • Since the VPS UK brings in an isolated hosting environment, no other user gets the authority to intervene in your website’s or server’s functionalities. This, in turn, helps in securing your web business data against all security threats.  

What to consider before buying a Linux VPS UK?

Before you consider buying a Linux VPS, you must consider the following things –

  • You must be aware of all the necessities of your website including disk space, bandwidth, and other resources. 
  • You must figure out whether the managed UK VPS will work for you or you wish to handle and run the VPS entirely on your own. If the latter is the case, then you can opt for unmanaged VPS hosting. Also, generally, the cost of an unmanaged virtual private server is somewhat lesser than the managed one. 
  • You need to seek the right VPS hosting plan based on your website’s needs from a reliable hosting provider. 

Top provider for VPS hosting UK: Serverwala

To get the best VPS hosting UK, you need to find a renowned and trustworthy web hosting company that can render high-scale and reliable hosting facilities. One such industry-leading web hosting company rendering excellent VPS UK hosting services is Serverwala. Dive into the following sections to get further details.  

About serverwala

Serverwala is a famous and highly-recognized web hosting company among the most-influential organizations worldwide. It provides a comprehensive range of plans for VPS UK at the cheapest rates. The company ensures the hyper-scale and intense hosting services to enable its clients to obtain maximum business profitability.

Moreover, it provides the support of enterprise-grade hardware involving powerful, high-speed servers. The company’s data centers function on resilient infrastructure along with flexible and modern technologies to guarantee the users with the highest network efficiency. 

Major components of Serverwala’s Linux VPS UK

Here are some of the crucial features and privileges that you will have with the Serverwala best VPS UK – 

24/7 Technical Support

Serverwala’s data centers ensure round-the-clock technical support for its clients. You will always have assistance from certified and experienced professionals. Further, the company provides different modes of communication for support- Email, Live Chat, Whatsapp, Ticket System, Skype, etc. You will acquire instant and expert solutions in the minimum possible time. 

DDoS Protection

Your website data will get protection with the company’s VPS UK. It will acquire data security through ultra-secure firewalls of the server against all the DDoS attacks. Further, apart from DDoS protection, your website will also obtain numerous standard as well as advanced security features, including data encryption and SSL security. 

Self Service Portal

With the Serverwala best UK VPS, you will also obtain the complete control panel features that will enable you to implement various functionalities and daily activities parallelly. The self-service portal will make it easier for you to perform operations simultaneously.   

Simple Licencing

The company provides the possibility of simple licensing for your website. With this, you will be able to obtain a license for your website simply with just one click. Also, the company costs you considerably less for the simple licensing. 


The review of the web hosting services provides insightful detail about the company as well as its hosting facilities. Thus, it will always be a wise decision at your end to look for the customer’s review of the company’s VPS UK before you decide to pick any. With the same aim, we have mentioned here the customer review of the Serverwala best VPS hosting UK for you – 

Linux VPS UK


The virtual private server hosting works as an ideal hosting solution for those seeking the middle way between a shared server and a dedicated server. It enables you to intensify your website’s performance under the virtual hosting environment while residing on the shared physical server. 

Furthermore, Serverwala web hosting company guarantees secure connections with twenty times faster network connectivity for your growing website. Also, with the company’s VPS UK, your website will get the possibility to function with 1 GBPS network speed and the allowance of up to 100 TB monthly data transfer rate with all the hosting packages and plans. Therefore, it will not be an exception for your website to acquire a 100% uptime network and no downtime with the company’s best and cheapest VPS hosting UK 

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