List of graphic pen tablet for professional designers

graphic pen tablet

The artist takes inspiration from real-world things and illustrates them on their canvas. As the world is moving towards technology artists have also stepped ahead with the new trends. To be more productive in their designing and art field they are accessing tools and gadgets. Many big brands have launched their premium Huion pen tablet now they can draw quickly in a much simpler way. In this article, you get the best information about the List of graphic pen tablets for professional artists and designers.

Every artist has a separate list of requirements, starting from active drawing space, stylus, OS compatibility, image resolution, pressure sensitivity level, and price.

Trending graphic pen tablet in the art and design field

There is a wide array of tablets in the technology market that meet the interest of artists, graphic designers. 

Apple iPad Pro 12.9

Apple products are famous in the global tech market, all the products are furnished with premium components. The Apple iPad Pro offers many advanced features and tools to fulfill the artistic and design needs of the industry. The color quality and pixel resolution are standard. You can install Photoshop, Fresco, Procreate, and other designing software. 

The pressure sensitivity level is up to the mark. No legging issues were encountered with the stylus iPad display.  You don’t need any peripheral devices, it can standalone and enables excellent designing and artistic projects outcome. As it is manufactured and launched by Apple and everyone knows the product care costs significantly higher than other product models.

Huion Kamvas 22 plus

It is one of the most sturdy, stylish, modest graphic pen tablets. Huion Kamvas 22 plus is designed with a quantum-dot technology that delivers 140%sRGB intense and depth HDR (1902×1080), 178degree wide vibrant images with superior quality. It will be a great deal for all professional artists and graphic designers. Here, you got a 21.5-inch vivid panel display with a contrast ratio of 1200:1

IPS, Anti-glare, low blue light eye comfortable screen perfect for long hours tasks, visuals, graphics, and art projects. The strong body resists friction and rust issues. The screen and stylus are truly responsive. With no space left between the pen and cursor, you can draw the more clear and more accurate design from different angles. For more info, you can directly visit the official shopping sites.

Wacom One 

Wacom is one of the top recognized brands you can say that is much more popular in the tech tablet industry. Here, you got a 13.3-inch smooth textured matte finish display in this Wacom One graphic pen tablet to complete the drawing projects. You’ll feel the need for an eraser at the ends of the stylus. It is cost-efficient, delicate, durable, responsive, single control. It takes no effort to set up and install. If someone wants to stick with the brand then Wacom One is a great choice.

Wacom Intuos Pro

You can resume your designing and artistic projects with another Wacom digital Best Graphic Tablet India. Wacom Intuos Pro. You got enough space to showcase your artistic skills on the digital drawing pad active area 12.1 inch to 8.4 inches, 8192 pressure sensitivity level. The pen grip is comfortable and you can work for a long time with extended battery capacity. You also get a penholder with this model.

You can adjust the view and orientation, enable Bluetooth compatibility, and easily user-friendly compatibility. It is also one of the affordable graphic pen tablets available in the market for digital art creators and designers.

Microsoft Surface Book 3

While we are hunting for the graphic pen tablet we only look over the Wacom Apple, Samsung. For more affordability and high-performance functionalities, Huion is also appreciated. Along with these tablet models, Microsoft Surface Book 3 is also excellent for artists and graphic designers. 

Two display options are available for the Microsoft Surface Book3, one is 13.5inch and another one is 11.25×7.5inch, you can choose anyone. The pressure sensitivity level is lower than the above-mentioned products. But the display will not let you feel down. The surface stylus is also compatible with the brilliant Microsoft Surface.

The pressing factor affectability level is sufficient. No legging issues were experienced with the pointer iPad show. You needn’t bother with any fringe gadgets, it can independent and empowers great planning and creative ventures result. As it is fabricated and dispatched by Apple and everybody realizes the item care costs fundamentally higher than other item models.

The designer takes motivation from true things and represents them on their material. As the world is moving towards innovation specialists have additionally ventured ahead with the recent fads. To be more useful in their planning and workmanship field they are getting to devices and contraptions. Numerous enormous brands have dispatched their superior Huion pen tablet now they can draw rapidly in a lot more straightforward way.

All the products model satisfying the artistic needs and supporting the advanced level functionalities and software/ tools. In 2021, you can carry anyone’s portable tablet from the list and move ahead over the artistic path.

So here you get the best information about graphic pen tablet for professional artists and designers.