Live Commerce digitalizing the home shopping experience

Live Commerce digitalizing

Shopping was once a lot of pleasure. It usually meant a beautiful winter day or a summer evening spent at the mall, ultimately returning home with some fantastic items.

Then, 18 months ago, everything altered due to a worldwide epidemic. While certain malls and marketplaces have reopened in some areas of the globe, the persistent possibility of a third wave or another mutated strain of the virus has us all worried. Some of us may never feel at ease in crowded places again.

Whether you like it or not, live shopping is here to stay. And now it’s time to lift the bar even higher. When compared to the rich experiences on live shopping platforms, traditional digital shopping suddenly seems relatively rudimentary.

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a new combination of eCommerce and in-person purchasing: Livestream eCommerce. You may now participate in Livestream commerce to make a purchase easily by being in the ame live environment. However, in the fight for efficacy between images and videos, videos triumph. When you can’t touch, feel, or test on items before buying them, video is the next best thing.

So, what comes next? Home Shopping in real-time. Shopping in shops and malls was pleasurable because:

You may view and try a large assortment of items all at one location.

By physically assembling, friends and family cannot only make purchases but can also catch up socially. This facilitated community building.

However, experiential purchasing does not have to be limited to the physical world. Retailers can build online purchasing experiences that rival the feel, touch, and sense of in-person commerce. So, how are you going to do it?

Potential of livestream eCommerce

Almost every eCommerce website seems to be the same: Rows and rows of static images, each with its description and price. When the video is employed, it is usually done as an afterthought. Brands can double the immersive experiences consumers have on social platforms by prominently featuring shoppable videos straight on e-commerce sites—and giving site visitors a far closer look at the product they’re seeing.

Take, for example, a dress. A static image depicts how it might seem on a figure in a single stance, but can you see how the cloth falls or moves? When it comes to genuinely obtaining a feel of an item online, the video just cannot be topped. And when customers can not only comment on and engage with a host, but also make one-click purchases without ever leaving the experience, the advantages multiply. This enables increased consumer trust and sentiment since customers have a better understanding of what they’re purchasing when they make a transaction.

Go Live!

Live commerce in the USA is already a significant trend, where it is expected to be a billion-dollar sector by 2023. It’s not just limited to China or USA; Live Shopping is a phenomenon that’s sweeping into western marketplaces — and companies — like wildfire. Kim Kardashian quickly sold 15,000 bottles of perfume.

These are real-time live shopping shows where consumers may not only enjoy deals and discounts but also interact with other customers and influencers and ask questions about the product before making a purchase. It’s as near to real-life tactile shopping as you can get, yet it’s all done online. And what about the benefits?

  1. Pre-programmed excitement for shows such as product launches, celebrity encounters, themed deals (such as Diwali or Christmas), product demos, influencer videos, and more.
  2. Building communities in real-time via customer-to-customer and customer-to-influencer interactions
  3. Product curation and personalization
  4. The ability to incorporate a clickable layer for real-time shopping to optimize impulsive purchases.

The recent year has shown the importance of personal ties. We’ve battled with a lack of connection when cooped up at home, but we’ve found consolation in the connective tissue of online networks. And now, in this ever-expanding virtual realm where we work together, communicate with friends and family, watch movies together, listen to music together, and play games together, we can buy together. This is the future.

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