Online Video Conference – Tips on Getting the Best Results

Video Conference

As everything would be shit for several weeks or months, we need to be dependent on remote working tools in this ongoing pandemic situation. These days, video conferencing has become the most vital thing for any business-related work. Most companies tend to have work-from-home criteria because the conference meeting room shifted to online video conferences.

Looking at the situation right now, we can say it’s a fantastic medium to hold a meeting as it not only saves travel time & increases productivity, but it is also free video-conferencing software. Moreover, we can witness the rapid change in the business world in this pandemic, which has a good result. This particular technical impact on business gave us a better experience than we never had before, especially modern technologies.

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Few tips to get effective results for video conferencing

Amazingly, this free social software includes professional cloud-based Video conferences, Skype, Google meets, and more. If you’re new in this field and are not familiar with the different expectations, that’s okay, as we are here to help you. Let’s dig into the crucial yet effective techniques that you could apply during your video conference meetings.

  •  Good Connection

The most vital aspect or point for having a good video conference is the internet connection. Before any video conference, you have to be sure that your interest connection is stable and fast. If you have a terrible internet connection, then it will affect the meeting in the wrong way. Therefore, you can use a few speed test tools before making the call to have the best video conferencing experience.

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  • Make sure to dress up appropriately.

If you are at your business conference or meetings, make sure you dress correctly. Whether you are at your home or any place, properly presenting yourself to the conference is crucial even for a video conference. As the representative of your organization, show your professionalism through your outfit and avoid wearing multi-colored outfits. Rather than anything comfy or casual, try something that you’d wear for a face-to-face conference.

  •  Set plan to be on time

Nobody wants to be purposely late for their business conference, but there are times when you get involved with some other work and forget to track the time. So, that results in being late for a conference. Although you could have various excuses for a face-to-face discussion, make sure you get a good impression by being on time for a video conference. You can add a plan and the meeting invitation to make the guest understand the purpose of a meeting or set a reminder. Do a cross-check for everything before attending the conference.

  • Get rid of inevitable distractions.

This is another vital factor that could create a disturbance during the meeting. So, you need to put all the distractions, including your pets, child, or other things, away from the area. Indeed, you do not want your guest to see those distractions too from the sight of your camera. Therefore, a basic rule that everyone must follow is to keep their mobile phones in silent mode before they step into any conference, video or not.

  • Go on mute when not speaking.

As you’ll use modern technology, it is possible that your microphone would catch some extra background noises even though you are not speaking that would disturb the speaker. So, it is best to keep your microphone mute and do not try to talk simultaneously. Also, during a video conference, you have to stay patient. Otherwise, it would be unpleasant to hold the meeting. So, you need to practice patience, and the host should hold his queries until the end to let everyone get the opportunity to speak.

  • Correctly frame the camera.

Placing your camera in the correct position is necessary. There are times when we end up looking at someone’s nostrils, chin, or sometimes just a background. So, make sure that you are correctly visible on the camera to a specific limit. Also, try to keep your camera on eye level, making it feel natural. Moreover, you need to try various angles before the conference to know which angle suits you best.

  • Look in the camera.

Keep your full attention on what the speaker is saying, and make sure you’re looking at the camera. Many remote participants make this common mistake, though they listen to the speaker but do not look at the camera but avoid it making the speaker think they’re not attentive. The whole thing could make the conference awkward and less professional.

Wrapping Up

I hope this article will be a great help for those who are new to this technical experience. Due to the increase in the number of organizations and technologies, people rely more on modern technologies to save their precious time. So, the workers must be aware of those technologies and be prepared for it to have a successful business meeting.