Is your kid’s life safe in this digital world?

parental control apps

is there any need of parental control apps? The digital world is a Wild West world where kids are unsafe no time ever before. Parents have to do something for the digital well-being of the kids. They have to keep an eye on kids’ and teens’ online activities. Digital parenting has its significance, and parents need to be tech-savvy in the current century to make sure kids are safe on the web.

The advancement of technology in terms of cellphone devices and computer devices has made kids vulnerable to digital nightmares. Parents can protect them from online dangers to the fullest, but they have to employ parental monitoring software for sure.

Why kid’s life should be safe in the digital world?

Young teenagers are obsessed with the digital world.  They used to spend hours and hours on cell phone devices connected to cyberspace. They are addicted to social networking applications and interact with people they have not met in person.

Therefore, young teens get involved with strangers, and often they have to face online dangers. Moreover, teens start doing inappropriate activities on mobile devices connected to the internet that could be embarrassing and harmful. Let’s get to know threats associates with the digital world dangerous for kids. 

Cyber bullying

1 out of 5 kids has experienced cyber bullying on the cellphones connected to the internet and beyond the school gates. Frequent bullying online can cause depression, anxiety, and stress in kids. There are plenty of cases happened where teens have attempted cyber bullying and body shaming.

Cyber stalking

Social media predators are everywhere on the web these days. However, social media platforms are full of stalkers, cyber bullies, and sexual predators. Stalkers are very technical predators that used to approach teens online to be friends with them. Later they show interest in teens and ask for real-life meetings. They try to get sexual motives from teens and then turn to the next target.

Access to adult content

Sexual content is everywhere on the web, and young kids are using cellphone devices as their X-rated theaters. They used to access porn late at night secretly from parents and become addicted to it.  Teens are more likely to visit adult websites and often encounter with videos and photos in the digital world.

Online dating

The social media addiction using cellphones connected to the internet and could lead your teens to online dating. 33% of the teens are involved in online dating using the social digital world. They met with people online and get involved in sexual hookups with strangers. 

What is parental control software?

A parental control app is a tool that you can use on the digital devices of your kids. It empowers you to track every activity happening on cellphones, PCs, and computer devices. It works for the digital well-being of kids. You can install it on any device having physical access, and you can monitor every activity kids are doing with the schedule.

You are using a cell phone parental control app on your teen’s phone, and then you can read messages and chats conversations. Moreover, you can spy on calls, and listen to the surroundings. You can use the parental tracking app on digital phones to make sure the safety of your kids.

How does the cell phone parental control app work?

Do you want to protect kids in the digital world? Are you struggling to know what your kids and teens are doing on cellphone devices? You need to subscribe to the mobile parental monitoring software. You can go to the webpage and get the license.

You will get the credentials via email, and you can start the installation process. Moreover, end up with the configuration and access to the web control panel.  You can use the powerful features of the cell phone parental tracking software to secure the digital world of your kids.

Powerful features of mobile parental monitoring software 

There are the following robust and powerful tools of phone monitoring app for the digital well-being of your kids that you need to know. 

Social media monitoring 

You can monitor and track social networking apps running on your kid’s cellphone devices to secure the digital world of your kids. Social media messenger spy app enables users to monitor chat, messages, voice, and video call logs, and many more. 

Screen recording 

A live screen recorder is the best tool for the digital parenting of kids. It can record back-to-back short videos of the cellphone screen in real-time and save to the dashboard. 


Users can capture screenshots of a kid’s cell phone device and then save it to the web portal. 

Surround recording 

Mobile parental tracking enables users to record and listen to the surroundings of kids when they are outside the house by taking control of the microphone. Parents can remotely listen to the surroundings to the fullest. 


The digital world is brutal and a wild beast. You can make sure kids are safe on the web by using cell phone android monitoring app. It enables users to know what kids are doing on digital devices.