Why Perfumes Bottle Design Is As Important As Scent Design


Perfumes themselves are considered as art. The mere existence of millions of scents in a bottle is not ordinary but as far as the scents go people do choose them based on various factors like skin composition, season, best perfumes for men, perfumes for women but sometimes one thing can defy all the basic parameters of buying perfumes and that is an aesthetically designed bottle of perfume. The perfume market is investing a lot of money in making the bottle more presentable and appealing to the customers. The human mind tricks you into being pulled towards the product when the packaging is alluring this is also known as “visual communication”

Ever heard of the expression “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well as much as this famous idiom is true, we cannot contradict the fact that sometimes if not entirely partially we all fall for looks. And in a world where people declare science to be a noble pursuit deep down, we all are looking for art, and what better way to celebrate art other than to acknowledge the fact that it is a birth of something new from absolutely nothing and everything that comes out of it is usually triggered by a person’s passion.


Fragrances embody sophistication, class, and standard. When you put a bottle of perfume on your vanity the urbanity and culture should speak volumes just as anyone gives a single glance to the bottle of perfume. once people see the packaging of the product, they instantly develop a connection with the scent sometimes scent does not live up to the expectations of people but in the end, it is the bottle and the allurement with which it wooed the buyer in a first look that matter at the end of the day.

It’s been said the bottle of the perfume should make a style stamen just like the trend that keeps coming back even after ages of being replaced once the allurement establishes its roots there is no way a person will forget about the perfume. This is also a trick many perfume makers have been using for decades now that the bottle is specially designed to deviate the attention of masses from the fragrance itself to the design and the colors of the packaging. But that does not mean that the perfume makers are free to design whatever they feel like putting out in the world.

Design of the perfumes bottle and the millennial age:

The fragrance of the perfume has always mattered not only in the past but also in this current era people have accustomed themselves to the fragrances and they go for the same scents every time they need to get a perfume. But sometimes when this millennial age feels like changing up a little. They look for better options online. Not to mention online shopping is the easy way out in this fast pace life you get what you want without making time and taking a day off of work.

So, naturally, they are going to see the images of the bottles read a little description about its head, base, and middle notes, and seal the deal next thing you know in a matter of days you get the bottle of perfume at your doorstep. Yet again the visual communication played its part the only thing that mattered was how the bottle itself looked.

You chose the bottle based on its looks and the destiny of the perfume from you sitting on a couch and ordering it online to your vanity is determined by “how the bottle looked” the design itself resonates it is the first encounter or chance of communication that a person gets to have with perfume before getting acquainted with its scent and how it makes you feel.

Ironically, the design of the bottle of perfumes puts our olfactory powers to shame.

Bottles of perfumes as a form of ancient art:

Fragrances have been an infrequent and overly coasted commodity of ancient times. Not everyone had access to these out-of-the-world fragrances and so mostly it was acquainted with royalty. The vessels in which these scents were stored were specially manufactured and beautifully designed ranging from exquisitely made glass flasks to glass color bottles. History showcases how people from ancient times used to house their fragrances to make them last longer leading from Greeks who make clay flasks in the shape of animals and Roman who valued fragrances so much that they usually would chisel the inside of precious stones to make space for the scent in it.

Presentation of the perfume:

The design and the fragrance within the bottle go hand in hand. When a person is investing in fragrances the perfume makers should think that they are not only investing in the fragrance itself but also how the bottle will be presented on the vanity. Though this is a fact not many perfume companies are daring to do anything different in making the bottle of the perfume more presentable than the regular bottle but in the end how the bottle has been designed does matter and makes all the difference.