Quality Bed Sheets of Different Materials

Quality Bed Sheets

The bed sheets are classified with respect to their material, comfort, durability and price. There are various viewpoints to consider when you talk about the quality and comfort of bed sheets. These perceptions consist of yarn counts, sturdiness, cost, colour, design and comfort. Following types of bed sheets are considered fine. 

Cotton sheets 

Cotton is the most well-known fabric for bedding items like pillow covers, bed sheets and comforters. Long stapled, Egyptian cotton is measured fine for bedding products. Short stapled cotton is cheap so the price of bedding products factory-made with this cotton is lower as related to the long stapled cotton.

The 100 pure cotton bedsheet king size come in percale weave and sateen weave and each category has its own pros and cons. It depends on your personal necessities that whether you will chose for comfort, crisp or luxurious beddings.

Linen sheets 

Linen sheets are heavier, thicker and relaxed. The yarn count in these sheets is not much higher as it is in cotton sheets. A thread count of 200 is measured quality bed sheet. These bed sheets last for years if kept with suitable care. These are wrinkle free, comfortable, fine in color and designing.

Flannel sheets 

These sheets are manufactured with a optional of cotton. They are comfortable, softer and give feeling warmly so people like to have them in winter. The quality of these bed sheets is measured in grams per square inch rather than yarn count. You can enjoy quality flannel bed sheets for years.

Silk sheets 

Silk bed sheets are expensive because they are smooth, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, soft and slight. They are made from the silk learned from silk worms. It takes time and effort so they are costly as related to other material sheets. They are durable so cost is not a factor to change your buying decision because they last for years.

Quality Bed Sheets

Polyester Sheets 

We know polyester bed sheets are factory-made by synthetic material. These sheets need breath ability like cotton bed sheets. Polyester sheets are flexible and cost effective rather than cotton and silk bed sheets.

Satin sheets 

These bed sheets are not material particular but their weaving style is different. The material can be wool, linen, bamboo, cotton and rayon. All best satin sheets are smooth and shiny. 

Bamboo sheets 

Bamboo sheets are soft and slight like silk bed sheets at affordable prices. Natural material is used in its built-up so these sheets are breathable and antimicrobial.

Microfiber sheets 

Microfiber bed sheets are factory-made with polyester, synthetic material. These sheets are soft, comfortable and have high yarn count but they are not breathable so they are not liked much as paralleled to the other material sheets. These are tough sheets so last for years.

Lyocell sheets 

These bed sheets are manufactured with rayon and melted plant pulp. This is a natural material so these bed sheets are breathable and durable. The price of these bed sheets is also cheap than other types of bed sheets. They are available in a huge range of designs and colours.