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How to Remove Stretch Marks?

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After considerable weight loss, pregnancy or adolescence, stretch marks may appear. Stretch marks are sinuous lines of white, purple or reddish color and affect mainly women from adolescence, but also men. Do you want to know how to remove stretch marks?

There are several techniques or methods with which to eliminate stretch marks permanently. At getposttop we have all the information you need.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are atrophied areas of the skin, which have an irregular and normally thin surface.

Remove Stretch Marks1

Stretch marks can be of two types: Red or white:

  1. The red ones have that color due to their recent appearance.
  2. The whites are areas of the skin that have been dead for some time.

Stretch marks usually appear on the belly, hips, buttocks, breasts and thighs, since all these areas are subjected to greater pressure.

Techniques to remove stretch marks

Depending on the type of stretch mark, there are some more recommended treatments than others for its elimination.

Violet or reddish stretch marks, being more recent, are the easiest to remove with a treatment. The white ones are already converted to scar tissue and are therefore more difficult to erase. The treatment needs to be completed with various techniques.

There are multiple techniques for removing stretch marks, although the ones that offer the best results and are medically endorsed are the following:

1- Laser

The laser is one of the most used techniques to eliminate stretch marks. It can be applied to any type of stretch marks; the white ones (ripe) and the red ones (recent).

The application of the laser increases elastin and collagen fibres, thus regenerating the dermis and epidermis.

Depending on the type of stretch mark, more or fewer sessions will be necessary. In the case of red stretch marks, the results can be seen in 2 or 4 sessions, while in mature ones, 4 to 8 sessions will be necessary.

2- Mesotherapy

It is a technique indicated above all in the first stage of stretch marks, those of a purplish colour.

The dermatology specialist introduces, through infiltrations, vasodilator and regenerating drugs in the area affected by stretch marks and manages to restructure the skin layers.

3- Carboxytherapy

Eliminates stretch marks and prevents their appearance by applying carbon dioxide, which restructures skin tone by providing oxygen to the tissues, stimulating the production of collagen in the area.

It is a minimally invasive method that improves microcirculation, improving skin tone and elasticity. Carboxytherapy manages to reduce stretch marks, whatever your stage, length and thickness.

The number of sessions depends on the patient and the area to be intervened, but the sessions must be carried out every 15-30 days, with a minimum time between sessions of 72 hours.

4- Hyaluronic acid

This technique is based on the infiltration of hyaluronic acid and other compounds into the skin to fill in white stretch marks and restore elasticity to the skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a component that serves as a moisturizing and regenerating agent in the skin, thanks to its properties to attract and retain water molecules.

With hyaluronic acid, reddish stretch marks are eliminated in 2 or 3 sessions, while for white stretch marks more will be necessary, 4 to 8 sessions.

5- Radiofrequency

The radio frequency device is used to apply heat to the area affected by stretch marks. After several sessions, the production of collagen and elastin is activated, producing new healthy skin cells.

This technique allows you to eliminate red and white stretch marks. To obtain visible results, 3 or 4 sessions are necessary.

6 Plasma

Platelet rich plasma is another technique used to remove stretch marks. This treatment consists of removing a blood sample from the patient to separate the plasma from the blood and infiltrate it into the stretch marks.

It is much more effective on white stretch marks, although it can be used to treat red stretch marks. The number of sessions required depends on the amount of stretch marks and the area where they are located, but more than 4 sessions a year are not recommended.

At getposttop, we use the best techniques to eliminate stretch marks. If you want to feel better, do not hesitate to contact our specialists in Dermatology. Our doctors will advise you to use the most appropriate treatment for your case.

Why do stretch marks appear?

how to Remove Stretch Marks

There is no exact mechanism by which stretch marks can appear, but there are certain causes that generate their predisposition. The most common are the following:

  1. Pregnancy. Weight gain and loosening of the skin in the abdominal area can lead to stretch marks.
  2. Sudden changes in weight. As in pregnancy, after considerable weight loss or weight gain, stretch marks appear in areas such as hips, thighs or on the abdomen.
  3. Development at puberty. A rapid development in adolescence, producing a sudden change in muscle mass, makes the skin have to distend a lot and very quickly, generating the appearance of stretch marks.
  4. Family background. Genetics make some people more prone to developing stretch marks, despite the prevention that the patient can carry out.
  5. Consumption of corticosteroids. Some diseases must be treated with this drug, which can cause degeneration of collagen fibres.

From adolescence on is the time where we must take special care to avoid the appearance of stretch marks.

How to prevent stretch marks?

The ideal thing to prevent its appearance is to maintain an adequate and stable weight, trying not to make diets that are too extreme and fast that can lead to its appearance. Although sometimes it is unavoidable, as in the case of pregnant women. That is why it is very important to know how we can prevent them.

Moisturizing and exfoliating the skin constantly, even several times a week, is very important for healthy skin and removing dead cells. Consuming water, foods rich in fiber and trying not to eat too much fat, as well as practicing physical exercise and leading an active life is also very important to help us prevent its appearance.

In the event that red stretch marks appear, it is important not to touch them roughly or scratch them, as the skin could be further damaged.

If you are thinking of performing a treatment to eliminate stretch marks, at getposttop you can visit our centre or contact us without obligation. Do not hesitate, our experts will find the best solution to your problem.

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