When we talk about the Renovation of an Inground Pool, there are usually 3 types of Pool Landscaping Work in Dubai

Refurbishment of a Panoramic Inground Swimming Pool

You really like your inground pool, but you think it can be improved: no problem. You can safely renovate it.

When we talk about the Renovation of an Inground Pool, there are usually 3 types of Pool Landscaping Work in Dubai

Aesthetic: here the idea is to make the pool more beautiful according to your tastes. To embellish your pool you can change the flooring, replace the coverings of the structure and the pool edge or install new accessories such as lights, whirlpools and diving boards;

Functional: these jobs are done when you want a pool with more efficient performance, improving, for example, the maintenance of the cleanliness of the water or the heating system;

Plant engineering: plant restructuring means the replacement of filtration systems or pipes;

Each type of intervention needs specific and appropriate materials and techniques: for this reason the first thing to do is to turn to professionals who know how to advise you.


Would you like to renovate your inground pool but are you afraid that the price is excessive? Don’t worry: you can save.

In fact, thanks to the 2017 Budget Law, for the works carried out between 26 June 2012 and 31 December 2020 you are entitled to large and significant tax deductions: up to a limit of € 96,000 in expenses, the State will reimburse you 50 % of the total. Let’s take some examples:

If your works cost € 10,000, you will actually spend € 5,000;

If you have to spend 50,000, you will actually pay € 25,000;

All this up to € 96,000: in this case you will be reimbursed for € 48,000.

This great advantage, however, is only valid until December 31, 2020: from January 1, 2021, in fact, the ordinary regime will return with which tax deductions drop to 36% and the spending ceiling is halved, i.e. it will be equal to € 48,000. The advice is therefore to hurry up and take advantage of these incredible “sales”!

What kind of renovations can I do to the swimming pool with the deductions provided for by the 2017 Budget Law?

As mentioned, the types of restoration that can be done are 3 and all 3 benefit without problems from the tax breaks described above. The only condition is that the works are done on a swimming pool that you already have (even if you have just bought it) and not on one that has yet to be built. Going more specifically, the types of restoration you can do concern:

  • Flooring;
  • Internal lining;
  • Filtration system and water circulation;
  • Heating and lighting;
  • Various accessories such as, for example, the whirlpool.


Obviously dealing with bureaucracy is never easy, especially for those who are not in the field: the advice, therefore, is to contact an expert, such as an accountant, who can help you with the current legislation in order to have no problems with tax deductions. One thing you have to do, however, is to always keep documents, invoices and receipts so that you can always demonstrate the work done and the expenses covered.

Finally, one last suggestion, actually already mentioned but it is important to repeat it: always contact professionals so as to be told exactly what needs to be changed and with which materials and accessories and what is still efficient. In this way your investment will be focused only on what actually needs to be changed and you will avoid unnecessary waste of money and resources.


In order to continue to have moments of relaxation and pleasure it is essential to take care of the maintenance of your swimming pool. This, however, may not be enough and sometimes it will be necessary to resort to a real restructuring. In fact, over time it can happen that the walls of the pool become excessively dirty or that some of the accessories stop working. Or maybe you just want to renew the style of your bathtub. There can be many reasons why you decide to renovate your swimming pool: in this article you will find tips and interventions to better know how to act. Meanwhile, a fundamental thing to do is to find out about the tax breaks that the State provides to those who decide to renovate their swimming pool.


As we have said, you can renovate a home swimming pool for many reasons. If you want to improve the performance of your pool, then you will opt for a plant / functional intervention. To increase performance efficiency, for example, a new filtration system can be installed as well as the heating system can be changed. To improve the functionality of the pool it may happen that you have to intervene re also on the structure of the tank itself. Over time, in fact, the wall covering tends to wear out due to scratches and holes. In this case, to avoid excessive water loss it will be good to replace the old coating with a new one. A very practical intervention is the one on the lights: these, in addition to having an aesthetic function, are very important for the correct signaling of the presence of the tub during the night. To improve this function, you can therefore install new lights, for example LED lamps. Finally, today it is possible to improve the performance of your home swimming pool by installing new generation technologies, such as home automation systems to have a more efficient control of performance and thus avoid unnecessary waste.


This type of renovation is aimed at beautifying the swimming pool. In this case, therefore, according to your tastes, you can replace all those elements that affect the appearance of the bathtub, such as its coverings, walls and floor. For example, after years you may want to change the look of the old pool by giving it a new style. In this case, you can change the wall covering and choose between tiles, wood or PVC.


The pool is in place, the structure is perfect and the performances are excellent. But something is missing: fun and relaxation! In this case, you can invest in the accessories to be inserted in the tub. For example, with a new hydromassage system, you can enjoy incredible moments of relaxation. If, on the other hand, you want to play with family and friends, then the advice is to install a trampoline or a slide. In this way the fun is guaranteed.


When you want to renovate the pool, it is good to inquire about the tax benefits provided by the State. In fact, for a maximum cost of € 96,000, personal income tax deductions of 50% of the total can be obtained. However, not all interventions fall under this facility. Below you will find a short list of the operations you can do with 50% personal income tax: • Adjustment of the electrical system up to standard; • Changes to the water circulation system; • Restoration of the pool walls; • Refurbishment of the pool edge floor and solarium area; • Refurbishment of the internal lining of the swimming pool; • Home automation system; • Changes to the heating system.