Secured Party Creditor: Returning To The Status Of Human

Secured Party

When a child is in a womb, he is purely a human being. The moment he is born into this world, various phenomena happen that dehumanize the being. Government agencies issue the birth certificate to the child, parents give a name to him and get it registered in the required places, and the state grants citizenship to him. However, one often understates the hypocrisy underlying any citizenship. 

Modern-day citizenship shows its ugly side by creating some unintended negative repercussions for law-abiding citizens. That’s why moving out from this unnatural and phony character of the state corporation is extremely pivotal to return to the status of humans. 

But, how can you do so? The answer is, by becoming a ‘Secured Party Creditor’

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Although many people are endeavoring to reserve their rights and to achieve an adequate level of freedom, the majority of individuals are not able to properly articulate exactly what Secured Party Creditor is. In simple terms, it is isolating yourself from all the birth certificates, registered names, and various other trade names. This is to protect your assets as well as collateral from levy, garnishment, forfeiture, lien, and seizure by backdating a security agreement. When you think of such type of concept, it refers to a highly evolved form of governance – a government by choice, and not by force. So, Let’s know some more about it!

What Is A Secured Party Creditor?

A Secured Party Creditor is an individual who has been a citizen or a permanent resident of the state but has done various paperwork filings after discovering that the government is involved in fraudulent activities, scams, and is becoming a private corporation. A Secured Party Creditor does the following paperwork:

  • Privatization of legal name
  • Recording the essential UCC filings

So, becoming a Secured Party Creditor makes you a state citizen, a private citizen, and a national citizen simultaneously.

How Secured Party Creditor Status Promotes Humanity?

In the universal law of META 1 Coin, two most effective legal tools exist to foster humanity: Secured Party Creditor (SPC) status and a combination of Private Non-Statutory Trust and SPC. So, Secured Party Creditor Status is the first tool in the Universal Law to function as a protection as well as a facilitator of human freedom and abundance. The enforced contractual relationship that usually exists between a citizen and its government leads to a multitude of unintended consequences.

If you will look closely at being a citizen of a state, you will find that it is an unnatural and phony state of existence, which forces individuals to engage in a plethora of overly planned legal contracts. And when an individual engages in legal contracts, he/she automatically accepts and gets bounded by all the civil and criminal laws in the state corporation. While civil status focuses on the protection of financial interests, criminal laws ensure the peaceful coexistence within the state as well as nations. 

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However, the most natural form of an individual’s existence is ‘being a human’ without any designation, documents, title, or name. Secured Party Creditor Status permits human beings to make transactions in the commercial market without using any fictional state. So, being a Secured Party Creditor, you will be free from the legal bindings of any state or federal jurisdiction. In addition to this, it also provides extra legal protection to the individuals to simply make them live and breathe like a natural human being, and not like a contractually bounded fictional character.

Why Citizenship Is A Hypocritical Notion?

There has been a disturbing shift in the governance of today’s nations. In the name of citizenship, various government actions can be seen as a new form of imposing control and censorship. Having citizenship is like being in a hypocritical state because of the following reasons:

  • Discrimination Against Warriors: People who oppose the legal system or even try to question the whole system, face immense discrimination and mass conspiracies by the respective authorities.
  • Inequality: Citizenship benefits only the advantaged groups. Let’s take the example of men and women in our society. On the papers, every constitution claims to give equal rights and opportunities to every individual without any discrimination. However, men have more resources and power as compared to women in our society. In the same manner, people of color, homosexuals, and migrants are often excluded from various opportunities.
  • Media Control: The government leaves no stone unturned to control the media of the state. This ensures that only selected narratives, as well as news, are disclosed to the common people. The government also brainwashes the people by feeding as well as highlighting only positive news about their functions, works, and activities.
  • Selling Citizenship: From selling lands to legalizing prostitution, the government actually sells citizenship to its individuals. This is probably the most hypocritical aspect of citizenship, which is backed up by phony and self-righteous excuses of the government.

So, whether you wish to engage in all those contrived legal contracts or you wish to lead another way of freedom, it is definitely your choice! Isn’t it better to select a jurisdiction on your own rather than engaging yourself in a forced and corrupted jurisdiction? All freedom-loving humans must consider this choice for bringing immense productivity and profits in their life.