Selling a Home – 6 Tips to Make Your Property More Tempting

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Did you just list your property? The longer it is on the market, the higher the chanceof its value dropping. The best ways to make buyers more interested in it are discussed below. Read ahead.

Improve Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is how well the property looks from the street. The easiest way to improve it is by painting the exterior of your home. Over time, its paint would have faded. There may be muck all over its exterior as well, which the new paint would get rid of.

You could recoat the exterior in the same colour as before. However, you could make more buyers interested by using a colour that’s in trend right now. If you look through Pinterest, you should get ideas.

What would also help with curb appeal would be landscaping. Place new plants and manicure any trees and bushes you have. Install new lights too. The ones you currently have may not illuminate your property well.

Better Interior

Why should only the outside of the house look good? Make sure the interior looks great as well. New coats of paint would hide any muck or dirt on the walls.

Your property may be old, so its fixtures are dated. This would be a turn-off to anyone stepping inside. Place fixtures that would complement the overall look of the property.

Sweet Scents

Make the house smell like a home. Before anyone walks in, bake a cake or cookies. If you don’t have the time for this, you could turn the oven on low and place a couple of drops of vanilla inside.

A Less personalized Space

Help anyone walking in imagine themselves living on the property. You would have to get rid of any clutter in the space. An excellent idea would be to move any personal items out too.

Hiring a staging company would be smart. They would rent furniture and place appropriate items to make the space look more appealing. Hire an experienced team – they would be able to make your home look the most tempting.

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Image Source: Pexels

Improved Kitchen

Renovate your kitchen. It is the room that is the most important to families. Instead of a major renovation, placing new appliances would be alright.

If you don’t have the cash-upfront to buy new kitchen appliances, make use of layby. Stores with electronics Layaway let you make small installment payments for electronics, like appliances, and then pick them up once the installments are done. What’s great is that no interest would be added.

Get rid of Carpeting

You probably should get rid of any wall-to-wall carpeting. It may be hiding the beautiful hardwood floors that are underneath. What’s more, carpets are hard to maintain. Buyers who are walking in may not have the time to regularly vacuum the carpets.

Making a property more tempting is not hard. The points to consider are rather easy, and the most important point to consider would be how your curb appeal is. Even if the inside of the home looks great, buyers would be less interested if the exterior doesn’t look good.