A Comprehensive Guide About Shooting in Rain

Shooting in Rain

Shooting in Rain – Rain means hope and happiness to some people, while for others, it is a hurdle and hassle. However, for the filmmakers, rain is a creative challenge. Out of all the movies, series, ad films, or creative video content you have watched until now, the majority of them must have at least one rain scene. It is more common in crime thrillers, as well as romance series, as it shapes the mood accordingly.

A lot of amateur minds think that the filmmakers shoot the scenes in actual rain. However, it is not so in most cases, yet at rare times the filmmaker does utilize the actual rain to complete their shooting. Whatever the case shooting in the rain is not easy. If you are an aspiring filmmaker who wants to explore creativity, shooting rain scenes is critical, but you must have ample knowledge to win it.

Dig deeper into this article to explore a comprehensive guide about shooting in the rain and make sure to win an Oscar for your filmmaking skills.

Top 6 Tips to Ace Shooting in Rain

Even a one-minute rain scene in an hour-long film or series takes more effort than the overall filming and shooting. You have to get the right equipment, manage the cameras, and numerous other things to ensure that water does not ruin anything. A little mistake can cost you more than your expectation, so be very cautious and learn before trying your hands at shooting the rain scenes.

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Here are some of the tried and tested tips you can follow to ace shooting in the rain.

1. Plan Ahead Extensively

If you want to shoot in the rain, no matter it is real or artificial, you cannot just stand on the scene location and try to come up with the ideas of shooting. Time is the real key and challenge in shooting the rain scenes. So, you need to plan ahead extensively to capture some great shots in a limited time. A lot of filmmakers are not aware of the demands of preparation, so they hire professional support from production companies and ensure their rain scenes turn out nicely.

2. Prepare Shot Size Brief

The next tip that can really help you in acing the rain shoots is preparing your shot-size briefs. The shot size briefs can include details of the characters, their body language, expression, standing point, etc., in addition to it; it can also include the details of the duration of each shot, the angles, and position, in order to complete the filming smoothly and efficiently.

3. Utilize Rain Rigs Creatively

Almost 99% of the time, artificial rain is used to film the scenes. Utilizing that efficiently is the real test of your skills and capabilities. Oftentimes, the characters are soaked in the rain during the scene; however, their foreground and backgrounds are completely dry. So do not make such silly mistakes and utilize rain rigs creatively to capture the best shots.

4. Avoid Shooting in Sun

One of the basic tips you should never forget to make your rain scenes appear more realistic and successful is avoiding shoot in the sun. Although it does rain when the sun is still up, that is quite a rare happening, and people might not like the scene for it being far from reality. So, make sure to shoot rain scenes before dawn or after dusk to make them look more realistic and pleasing on the screen.

5. Utilize and Direct Light Properly

Even when you are filming the rain scene in the magic hours, you still need to be careful about using and directing the light properly. The intensity of the rain can highly impact the darkness. So, make sure the scenes have the perfect blend of lighting to ensure the scenes turn out greatly. Even if it is too dark, capturing the expressions of the characters in the scene is the key.

6. Utilize the Real Rain

The last tip to ace shooting in the rain, which will be a test of your skills and creativity, is utilizing the real rain. It is not that easy, but it is also not impossible. You just have to utilize the time properly without creating haste or nervousness on the set. You can help get experts on board from the production companies in Abu Dhabi to take care of the production challenges and shoot the scenes comfortably and successfully.

Connect with professionals if you need support!

No matter how great of a director or filmmaker you are, you can always fail due to the mistakes and inability of the production crew. So, do not take the risk of the wastage of your time and resources by trusting the amateurs. Get in touch with professionals who have years of experience in the field to make the best team and award-winning films.

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