Suitable flowers for the occasion you will attend next


When it comes to attending any function, it is worth showing some gesture to go along with the customs of the society and to show your empathy with others. However, whether you are attending a birthday party or a wedding, or a mourning assembly, the flowers are the must-have ones that you should carry everywhere. Each of the flowers has its own significance, which is used to convey the emotions and the message through it. Hence just because you need to carry a flower with you to an occasion, picking any random flower is not at all going to be the right thing to do. Hence before you go to pick the right flowers for the right occasion, you need to make sure that you are picking the most suitable one. Hence there is what flower you should pick based on the occasion you are attending. Have a look:

Suitable flowers to attend a wedding:

Are you about to attend a wedding within a few days? Then it is the right time to think about which flower you should give to the person. While picking the flower for a wedding, you need to make sure that you are picking one that conveys the sense of love and greeting to wish the couple for their new life ahead. Hence here are the flowers you should pick:

●      If you are attending your friend’s wedding, then picking orange or pink roses will be a great idea.

●      Pick and cute carnation bouquet is also going to be the best way to wish if you are attending the wedding of your family members or


Suitable flowers to congratulate someone:

When it comes to appreciating someone, it is worth saying congratulations with a bunch of lovely flowers. While you gift your loved one a bunch of flowers to congratulate them on their success, it carries a deep meaning, which adds more value to the moment. Here are the best flowers you can pick for this:

·       You can never go wrong with the exotic yellow gerberas, which signifies joy, appreciation, and compassion. The bright yellow color is the best way to wish someone to prosper more and more in their life.

·       A joyous arrangement of the lovely pink lilies and the nice and beautiful orchids are the best way to appreciate someone.

Best flower to attend a baby shower with:

When your nearest one is about to welcome a baby, she deserves to have all the pampering and best wishes for her upcoming motherhood. So if you are thinking of attending a baby shower very soon then, you need to pick the most suitable flower that goes great with that occasion.

·       A bunch of pink roses is a great flower that you can pick for that occasion. It will convey your good wishes in the best way.·       Picking a bouquet with mixed flowers like lilies, sunflower, gerberas are going to be the perfect one for the baby shower.

Ideal flowers for someone ‘s birthday:

When it comes to picking the flower for someone’s birthday, it needs to be the best one to convey the sense of care and love through it. Based on whose birthday it is and which kind of flower they prefer the most, you can pick the best one. Here are some ideas:

●      If you are thinking of buying flowers for the birthday of your best friend, the flowers like pink lilies, yellow and orange gerberas are going to be the best.

●      If it is the birthday of your special one, then you can ditch the conventional red roses. Rather pick some orchids or lilies to make the gift special.

Best flowers to convey your love:

When you are thinking of saying your feelings to someone you love, or if you are thinking of proposing, then it is important to pick the right flower for it. Hence here are some ideas  for you:

●      Picking a bunch of red roses can never go wrong while you propose to your partner to say your feelings.

●      Picking a bunch of pink lilies on the day of your wedding to give to your partner is also a great idea.

Best flowers to show your empathy:

Whether you want to say to someone ‘get well soon,’ or you want to show your empathy and sympathy for the loss they have gone through, a bunch of flowers is going to be the best thing. Here are the flowers you can pick:

●      For the get well soon message, you can pick yellow lilies or yellow roses to brighten up their day

●      To show empathy for their loss or attend someone’s funeral, you can opt for online flower delivery in Gurgaon with white gerberas or a bunch of white roses.


As you go to buy the flower for any occasion, you need to make sure that it is capable of conveying your message in the right way. Hence, pick the best flowers online from MyFloralkart that aligns with your mood and message to make your gift much worthy.