The Best Top 15 funeral flowers To Show Your Wishes

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There is always a specific arrangement of flowers for the funeral. Below are particular flower colors for funerals and their meanings. You should choose from these colors when gifting your loved ones who are bereaved.

a) Red colors; Red flowers usually show strength, love, and beauty. One should choose a red funeral flower to give strength and show love to someone who has experienced death.

b) Yellow colors. In funerals, yellow flowers show memories. Florists consider them funerals to enable a family to celebrate and remember good things about the dead person.

c) White colors; White flowers signify innocence, purity, peace, and honor. We use them on funeral occasions to purify, show love and praise to our loved ones.

d) Blue colors; On funeral occasions, blue flowers mean you wish the bereaved family well, giving them hope for a promising future despite losing their loved ones. The blue flowers usually signify mourning and condolences.

e) Pink colors; Florists use pink flowers in funeral flower arrangements to show sympathy and softness.

f) Purple colors; One can also use a purple flower in funerals since they symbolize dignity and respect.

The top 15 funeral flowers

1. Carnations

Carnations support other flowers like lilies and roses, and they bloom in various colors like red, white, pink, etc., which makes them suitable for funeral flowers. Florists use carnations in funeral flower arrangements since they are more economical.

2. Lilies

Lilies also come in various colors, but we commonly use white lilies on funeral occasions to symbolize purity, grace, dignity, and peace.

3. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are types of funeral flowers with various colors and shapes, which is why they are suitable for funeral flowers. They usually symbolize death and hope in some European countries that can support funeral flower arrangements.

4. Roses

Roses usually come in different types of colors. In funerals, white or red roses are recommended since they represent peace, love, innocence, respect, and purity. You can also use other roses like pink and yellow to show commemoration, grace, and friendship.

5. Hydrangea

Hydrangea is also suitable for funeral flower arrangements since they come in many colors and shapes for florists to choose from. They have an attractive blossom that makes them be used in spraying other floral arrangements.

6. Irises

Irises are types of funeral flowers that come in various colors like, pink, white, red, yellow, etc. which is why it is suitable for funeral arrangements. They make the flower arrangement beautiful because of their bright colors.

7. Tulip

Tulip flowers are funeral flowers that usually bloom in spring with sweet scents and many attractive colors like white, red, yellow, etc. One can use tulips as a single flower or mix them with other flowers to form a perfect arrangement for the funeral wreath.

8. Sunflower

The bright yellow sunflower color symbolizes love and friendship. Florists use this type of flower in arranging a funeral bouquet. Consider using this bouquet in consoling your friends and loved ones in case of death.

9. Daffodil

Daffodil is a type of funeral flower that usually signifies strength and hope. It comes from the family of Amaryllidaceae and blooms with various colors in early springs or late winters. The florists typically use white and yellow daffodils for funeral flowers to signify purity, love, and friendship.

10. Peace lily

Peace lilies are usually cultivated in the American tropical rainforest. They bloom in various colors and can take longer to dry up, which is why we consider them for funeral flowers.

11. Orchids

Florists consider the use of orchids for funeral flowers arrangements as either live or cut flowers. Many people commonly use white and pink orchids to symbolize purity, sympathy, and softness.

12. Daisies

Daisies are types of funeral flower arrangements that come in more colorful and attractive blossoms. White daisies are commonly used to signify purity, peace, and innocence. 

13. Gladioli

These are types of funeral flowers that come from the family of Iris. Gladioli grow along tall stems and are always in bunches, thus representing integrity and strength, hence suitable for funeral occasions.

14. Hyacinth

Hyacinth comes from the family of asparagus and bloom in various colors like purple, white, etc. This flower usually grows in spring and symbolizes sorrow and grief, which is why it is suitable for funeral flowers. Hyacinth has a sweet scent that attracts many people. Consider giving your friends and loved ones this flower when they experience a loss.

15. Lavender

Lavender is a type of funeral flower that makes a perfect display in the funeral floral arrangement. The purple color of lavender is suitable for the death of a woman but can also be used for men. The Lavender flower symbolizes grace and softness, thus enhancing sympathy for the bereaved.


Choosing the best funeral flowers for your loved ones can be confusing to some people. This article can help you out with the above top 15 funeral flowers it has discussed. In case of any queries, feel free to contact your local florists for assistance.