A home is a sacred place, and it deserves all the attention you can provide it with, to the finest detail. A building is just a house, but it becomes a home when it provides comfort and speaks for its owner. You must give your home intrinsic value—peace, love, comfort, happiness, and aesthetic value—through incomparable and beautiful designs. There are many ways rooms/spaces can be designed to function as needed, without diminishing the beauty. One of these ways is to put walls to good use.


Walls in a home provide partition and provide a sense of enclosure. Most times, walls are left bare in a house, but in a way to enhance the beauty of your space, you can redecorate a wall. Apart from using different colors to beautify walls, something else can be done—the use of wall arts. Painting the walls with attractive colors is permanent, and as your taste changes, you may need the service of a painter. But with wall arts, you can always change the artwork—a less permanent fix.

Wall arts make your house feel more like a home; wall arts add a personal touch to your space. They also make your walls look finished—they are like the final piece to making a building space look good. Wall arts exist in varieties, depending on your preference. There are wall arts that contain some common quotes, some are pictures of popular places, events, models, and some are beautiful and ravaging patterns that light up a space. Therefore, in choosing wall art for your space, you must put consider your options, even color preferences.

Color preference is important in choosing wall art. This is why ElephantStock has come up with different ideas for wall art colors. Are you wondering what color is best to use for your wall art? Why not try grey?


The color grey is a very calming color. Psychologically, grey is a color that symbolizes balance or neutrality. If you don’t want to go with dark colors or can’t decide on light colors, grey is the best fit. Gray also gives a warm feeling of coziness. So, if you are looking to make your room feel welcoming, grey wall art is not a bad idea. Another great benefit of gray wall arts is that they are neutral; hence, you can combine them with other colors perfectly well. With gray wall art, you cannot be worried about re-usage as whatever colors your wall has gray got them! That is, they can work with whatever trend it is. And this saves you the stress of buying new artworks with changing trends.

Wall arts are good; they serve their purpose well, adding a personal touch to their place. But gray wall arts are better. In making your home or space look more alluring, the answer is the color gray for the art. And since gray goes with every color, they go with every wall. 

The intricacies of interior decor are defined in selecting home furnishings, lightings, wall arts, and wall colors that promote soothing aesthetic value. While every element is important, you should never go wrong with the type and quality of wall art you decide to buy. When deciding on what wall art to purchase, you can go over some of these beautiful wall art ideas.