The Pros And Cons Of Having A Top Loading Washer

Washing machine

Looking for a washing machine? Then go for a top-loading washer to fulfill your requirement. Numerous thoughts hover in your mind before choosing an electrical appliance. When it comes to washing machines the thoughts become double. “Whether a top load washing machine would be beneficial, “what if a front loader charges more than my budget?”- these are some common thoughts that puzzle our mind. So, we do thorough market research.

But often the research seems incomplete. Therefore, we’ve listed the pros and cons of having a top-loading washing machine in 2021. Buyers will show you mostly the cons in a top loader because they are cheaper than the front loader. But there are always two sides to a coin. Learn both and decide yourself whether you’re still up for a front-loading washing machine.

Pros Of A Top Loading Washing Machine


We always need to fix our budget before going for such a big investment. Top loaders always fit into our budget. They’re very cost-effective. You can buy a top loader within 10,000 in India. That is definitely a big pro among all others. 


The standard washing machine height is 85 cm, they typically have a width of 60 cm, and a depth varying between 42 and 65 cm. The Top loaders are usually slim and fit anywhere in your house. You can easily make space for them beside your bathroom cabinet. In this era when space is a real issue, this advantage needs to be considered wisely.

Easy to Use

New appliances always seem complicated in usage. This can be very problematic at a time that you have to do your laundry yourself despite having a machine. Top loaders came before front loaders and they’re quite easy to use. The oldest person in your house is also familiar with the features of a top loader. 

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Door Opening Feature

Once you start cycling, you can open the door to check if everything is going properly. But, with a front loader, it’s impossible. This check is crucial. If you’ve forgotten to put any of the clothes on, this feature helps you. 


A front-loading washing machine compels you to sit down on the floor and do your laundry. With a top loader, you can avoid this basic trouble. You don’t have to sit down and do your laundry here. People with backaches find this feature comfortable and friendly.

Washing Action

The way a top-loader functions with washing is gentler than a front loader. The high efficiency that the front loader shows often shrinks your clothes. Sometimes you get wrinkled clothes from the machine. The highly effective spinning system damages the softness of the clothes. They usually have a width of 24-inches. They are a good potential option for those who have limited space in their homes.


Top loaders create no issue with the detergent. You can use the usual detergent that you’ve been using for years. But, with a front loader it becomes problematic. You have to use specially mixed detergent. Otherwise, the system fails.

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Less Vibration 

The most common complaint from the users is the vibration of the washing machine. Top-loaders are small in size and vibrate less. 

Odors and Molds

Vibration generates molds on your wall and floors. To get rid of the these, top loaders are always better options than the front loaders. If you’re not ready to bear the stink from your washing machine, go for a top loader. As you can open the door of a front loader frequently, it doesn’t develop a stink inside it. 

Cons Of A Top Loader 

As I’ve already told that every coin has two sides. So, you have to consider the cons of a top loader as well. Before checking out Samsung washing machine price, go through the cons and think twice before buying them. 

Energy Use

Top loaders are traditionally manufactured. The energy-efficient machines are some new inventions. The feature doesn’t apply to the old machines. So, this is one of the remarkable disadvantages of a top-loading washing machine. 

Less Capacity

You cannot find a large washing machine with top loading features. A top load washing machine is always less incapacity. To be space friendly, they have to compromise with the capacity. 

Repair Cost

Top loading washing machines’ repairing cost is even more than your electricity bills. Besides consuming a huge energy, they make a whole through your pocket with repairing cost. This is because the materials used in top leaders are costly and the tools the manufacturers use in a top loader are significantly large. The company has to bear a lump sum amount in logistics. This increases the repair cost. 

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