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Therapeutic Support in Australia

Therapeutic supports are quite common in most NDIS plans, as most people are eligible for the funding for therapeutic supports. Although, understanding what kind of support you might need to get or whether you are eligible can be hard. That’s why we are going to run you through the fundamentals of therapeutic support. These services often include Occupational Therapists, Exercise physiologists, Physiotherapists, Speech Pathologists, Psychologists and Mental Health Nurses.

What does it mean by Therapeutic Support?

Therapeutic support is a type of support that you can get using your NDIS fundings, these supports cover mental and physical treatment in order to improve your health and help you become more independent in your own household. Although it must be mentioned that you don’t need to be an NDIS member in order to get these supports. That being said, therapeutic supports are funded by the NDIS and if you are eligible for it you don’t need to pay for this type of support.

Therapeutic Support in Australia

The eligibility is quite simple to understand, the funding needs to be reasonable and necessary. If there is a therapeutic service that you are willing to get and you expect a positive outcome from it, then you are probably eligible for NDIS funding. But since there are so many therapies and services you can choose, you should really consider what you want and which supports can best help you reach your goal.

Therapeutic Support Services

NDIS therapeutic support services have dedicated themselves to support the people in need and develop better habits for people who may be struggling with mental health issues or disabilities. These people also deliver support emotionally, psychologically or socially. NDIS registered supporters also deliver you all of your supports without a dedicated plan manager which is always a plus when trying to follow a budget.  These service providers have also dedicated themselves to help you enhance the quality of your personal life and help you reach your goals faster and more steadily.

Early Therapeutic Support

The job of early therapeutic support is to treat the beginnings of a mental illness, in order to make it impossible for future damage to happen. These supports are both available to children and adults who meet the early requirements for a mental treatment. But how do you know whether you are eligible for therapeutic supports or not? There are some requirements for early therapeutic support. The individual must meet the following requirements: 

  1. The individual must have one or more disabilities that are physical, cognitive, psychological, neurological or sensory. 
  2. The disability needs to be, or is likely to become permanent causing future damage. 
  3. Individual might also be a child with development delay. If/When these conditions are met, the funding will be done by the NDIS. But the rules are almost always flexible, so you can ask your service provider for more details.

How to find?

All in all, ADACare therapeutic services are always ready to help you get over a disability whether it’s physical or psychological. If you have any suspect whether anyone close to you might need extra provision, feel free to contact us. You can also ask any question you might need answered about our services. As the team of ADAcare, we are here to help anyone that might need help in Sydney.