5 dangerous health issues that too much rest can cause

5 dangerous health issues that too much rest can cause

What is rest

Rest term is used when you make a stop from daily life routine and sit or lay for a period of time. Moreover, rest word is also used to take a break from ongoing work but mainly it is used to reduce tiredness or fatigue which can appear from some workload.

Sedentary life like zero or less involvement in physical activities can be called chronic rest which can be dangerous for the whole health system of a person. In this blog, post harms and effects of too much rest will be discussed. With rest friendly life you may get health problems but with a healthy lifestyle like eating well and with exercises you may increase your quality of living.

Here are 5 harms of too much rest that your body can suffer from:

Cardiovascular diseases

When you take a rest and make it a habit to spend most of your daytime in that position then you may avoid many benefits that body movement can provide you. Exercise or physical activities charge the person to stay active and sharp while zero involvement in them can cause serious fatigue, laziness and can cause you to spend most of your time lying or sitting.

Too much rest is linked with severe risks. Heart attack, stroke, cardiac arrest, blood vessels problems are highly linked with sedentary life or a rest-friendly routine.

Studies say taking too much rest can trigger fatal cardiovascular incidents and to avoid it exercises are needed, if you are not taking interest in exercises due to some reasons then you may need help.


Obesity means high-fat tissues in your body. It can lead to severe issues and diseases which can reduce your age numbers and can lead you to die early due to some heart or other health issues.

When you take a rest then you stop your body to burn or use calories. These extra calories can store as fat which in return can increase your unhealthy body weight. An obese person is more likely to get diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, strokes, cholesterol problems as compared to a normal weighted person.

Researchers say that losing extra fat from the body can improve your health and living standards and keeping yourself active can help you to lose weight.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure is a silent killer which can cause sudden death without showing any reasonable symptoms. Perhaps it is one of the most causing factors of cardiovascular diseases.

Taking extra or too much rest can trigger your Blood pressure to go up which can be a problem for you. With exercises, your body maintains normal blood pressure but with a sedentary lifestyle, it can go up due to the bad effects of rest-rich life.

Many scientific revies of several studies have found that 6 to 8 hours rest per day is associated with many health risks and these can be reduced by spending time in exercises or being active.


Diabetes is another major health issue in which blood glucose of your body gets or turns into a bad position which can become a serious issue. Both high BP and diabetes need lifetime care and treatment if a person gets one or both of these. Getting even one of them can make you vulnerable to early or sudden death.

Rest is also associated with obesity. Obesity is linked with causing hypertension and diabetes. Furthermore sedentary or rest-friendly life not only causes these but also generate those factors which can make them more lethal for a person.

Doctors say that diabetes can be handle easily by taking proper care in terms of diet and physical activities. Keeping yourself engaged in different movement-friendly activities and avoiding sugar-rich diets or processed carbs full foods can easily improve your blood glucose levels.

Digestive problems

Digestive issues can time when you do not digest foods as you should be. Body movement or exercise helps your body to absorb foods fast in natural ways while avoiding them or spending extra time by taking rest you can prevent your digestive system to work properly.

By digesting foods, we get energy for daily life works and by spending these energies not only daily life routinely works can be done but also provide help against health issues also. Studies say eating on time and doing exercises helps a lot to our digestive system to work well.


Rest is helpful for your body but too much is bad and it should be because human is naturally made for movement and that is why when a person keeps itself engage in exercises or related activities then he or she do better for his/her health. Physical activities are not only helpful but can also lead you to live a more happy life as compared to unhealthy rest friendly people.