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Top 4 techniques to fix QuickBooks Error H202

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QuickBooks Error H202 can really disturb your workflow and can cause multiple troubles if not resolved early on. This error is relatively standard when you switch from a single user mode to a multi-user mode. The error indicates a failure of specific supporting components that are preventing QuickBooks from accessing the multi-user mode. This situation will result in a failure to host the company file on the network. To fix this QuickBooks error H202, you can go through this article to find out what’s exactly causing the trouble.

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Reasons For QuickBooks Error Message H202

It’s essential to figure out the cause of your error to address it adequately. Not doing so can result in a wastage of time or even more errors or issues. Hence, the best solution is the one that resolves the cause of your error. To achieve this, you must study the reasons, some of which are given below:

  1. Wrong settings of the server or the workstation.
  2. Wrong DNS settings such as incorrect DNS server address.
  3. Fundamental processes like QBCFMonitor are not running.
  4. QuickBooks Database Server Manager is either damaged or corrupt.
  5. A Windows Firewall is blocking QuickBooks from accessing the company file.
  6. Standard network configuration errors can prevent QuickBooks from connecting to computers in the network.

Now that you know the causes, it’s better you follow through with some of the solutions for the error.

Solutions For QuickBooks Error Message H202

You can endeavor multiple solutions to resolve this error. What’s important is how you approach an error. You should first try and diagnose the reason for your error and then look for a solution from down below:

Solution 1: Delete And Build The .ND File

.ND are the network configuration files that helps QuickBooks to connect with other computers in the workstation. When this file gets corrupted or damaged, QuickBooks starts throwing errors. Once you delete and recreate this file, QuickBooks creates a new copy of the .ND file. Implement the measures given below to resolve QuickBooks Error H202:

  1. Search for *.nd in the Windows search bar. Now, press Enter.
  2. From the results, delete the .ND file.
  3. Move to All Programs, QuickBooks, and then to QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  4. Click on the “Scan Folder” tab. You can hit the “Add Folder” button.
  5. Browse the company file. Now, click on the OK button.
  6. Click on the Scan option to start the scanning process.
  7. Click on Close once the scan process gets completed.

Implement the next solution if these steps haven’t helped you in the slightest.

Solution 2: Include Your Server In The Windows Host File

Windows host file collects or stores data about every other device present on the server. Adding the server data to the host file allows Windows to allow the device. This gives QuickBooks the right to access the company file on the server. Follow the measures stated below to fix the QuickBooks error H202 by this method:

  1. Using Notepad, access the Windows hosts file. You must implement this step on the computer that’s facing the error.
  2. Locate the host file and open the Notepad as Admin.
  3. Type the server’s IP address after the last IP address.
  4. Click on the Tab key and type the server name. From the File menu, click on Save.
  5. Now press Exit.
  6. Open the company file to see if it’s accessible now.
    Go through the next set of measures if the above steps haven’t helped you.

Solution 3: Restart QB Database Manager

QB Database Server Manager is one of the most vital components to run QuickBooks in multi-User mode. You can get errors while hosting the company file in multi-user mode if QB Database Manager is not running correctly. Follow the steps to appropriately address QuickBooks Error H202:

  1. Press the Windows key. Then, search for Run in the search dialogue box.
  2. Type services.msc. Now, click on OK to open it.
  3. Right-click on your QuickBooksDB version. Now, click on Stop.
  4. Right-click on the Start. Close the Window. Display extensions for the understood file types.
  5. Right-click on the Windows Start button. Choose Explore, Tools and Folder Options.
  6. Clear Hide Extensions For The Known File Types by clicking on the View tab.
  7. Click on the View tab and choose Hidden Files And Folders. Clear Hide Protected Operating System Files box.
  8. Click on Yes, which displays the warning and then hit on OK.
  9. Close the Windows Explorer browser. Now, try to access the company file one more time.

Follow the next set of steps if you haven’t been able to resolve this error by now.

Solution 4: Check The Services On Your Server

You can restart and set up certain services after a failure to fix this error if a service fails to start the first time. Go through the steps given below to fix this error:

  1. On your server computer, open the Windows Start menu.
  2. Type Run into Search and open the Run option.
  3. Type services.msc in the Run window. Now, press Enter.
  4. Locate and double click QuickBooksDBXX.
  5. Choose Automatic for the Startup type.
  6. Make sure that the service status is either Running or Started. You can select Start if it’s neither.
  7. Move to the Recovery tab.
  8. Choose Restart The Service from the drop-down menu’s that include First Failure, Second Failure, and Subsequent Failures.
  9. Choose Apply. Now select OK to save the changes.
  10. Repeat the same steps for QBCFMonitorService.


QuickBooks Error H202 can get easily resolved with the steps mentioned in this blog. Make sure to implement the steps correctly so as to get it right the first time. It’s important to understand the causes of the error as knowing them will decide your solution. Your solutions will vary as per the cause of your error. With this in mind, you are now in the right mindset to resolve this error.

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