Top 5 Investment Options for Women Professionals

fixed deposit

The working woman in India displays great amount of resilience to societal norms by pursuing a profession. It requires great grit and determination to go against the comments and resistance offered by people around her. To ensure her safety and moreover stability, she must manage her finances wisely. 

Managing finances has always involved saving but in the 21st century, it is investments that drive this process. Before evaluating the top 5 investment options for woman professionals, it is essential to outline the different needs that they may have. 

The young adult women or those in the senior citizen category have the time to look at an option which requires daily inputs. Thus, they can invest in a space that entails regular communication and constant management. While the middle-aged professional woman, in most cases, doesn’t have enough time to breathe. Hence, she’d be looking at an investment option where she can park her funds for the long-term. But apart from this age and availability-based preferences, women can also be categorised on basis of their risk appetite and frequency of transactions. 

Some women cannot park away funds for long time periods as they require regular withdrawals. Moreover, they may not have enough funds to make a large investment and will prefer small-regular deposits instead. On basis of these various requirements, following are some investment options-

  1. Stock market: For women that have the dedication and time, the Indian stock market is a great investment option. Though it takes time to master the nuances of this trade, it can yield great results if handled properly.
  1. Insurance Policies: Gone are the days when insurance policies were limited to recovering damages. Today, one can easily make a policy which yields excellent returns in the long run. This may just be the best solution for women professionals that have a corpus after having worked for a considerably long time
  1. Savings account: For women working jobs with average salaries, a savings account is an ideal option. In fact, they can maintain an account which they don’t use for transactions/withdrawals and it merely breeds interest on their savings. This would be a good investment when seen from both a short and a long-term perspective. 
  1. Systematic Deposit Plan (SDPs): Bajaj Finance, a reputed non-banking finance company, provides SDPs as an alternative to women professionals. This is primarily for those who want to make regular and small deposits while still contributing to what would be a future corpus of funds. In this, the tenor still remains between 12 and 60 months. Depositors have to choose between 6 to 48, for the number of deposits they’d make in a month under their SDPs at Bajaj FD. When it comes to the maturity, they have an option to choose a single date or a monthly maturity scheme. This way they can ascertain long term and distinguish them from short term goals while making a decision. This is by far the primary reason why women must choose Bajaj Finance. Non-working women may not always have a large corpus but can make regular deposits from what they save on a monthly basis. 

Fixed Deposits (FD) for women: Yet again, Bajaj Finance provides a brilliant long term investment option for women professionals. 

  • High Interest Rates: At Bajaj Finance, you receive a very lucrative interest rate of 6.50% which increases to 6.75% if you are looking for a fixed deposit for a Senior Citizen (60 years of age or more). This makes up for the wage gap. 
  • Special offers to Senior Citizens: Along with a higher interest rate they can also avail periodic pay-outs to fund general expenses that arise at their age. This can be especially helpful for retired women, who need financial security. 
  • Benefits to Pravasi Bhartiyas (NRIs): Non-Residential Indian (NRI) women professionals with an NRO account that invest in Bajaj FD, have make a choice between tenors of 12 and 36 months. The interest rates are the same for them including the additional benefits given to Senior Citizens. This can be essential for old women that are moving back to India after retiring from multinational companies abroad.
  • High Credibility and Stability: Bajaj Finance has been accredited with the highest ratings of CRISIL’s FAAA and ICRA’s MAAA, ensuring your money and funds are safe. 
  • Flexible Time Frames: By having a wide range of tenors between 12 and 60 months, you can plan your liquidity and generate higher cash inflows as per your requirements. 
  • Smaller Minimum Deposit: With a cap of only Rs 25,000 you can start investing in FDs, at an early stage without being forced to accumulate a larger set of funds. 
  • Digitalized Application Process: Their application prevents you the hassle of page long documents and even longer queues. It allows you to browse the best rates from the safety of your homes while completing the entire process digitally. When women are busy at work this feature is a boon for them. Further adding to this is the benefit of CKYC which ensures an even fast process by preventing repetition of documentation each time an account is opened. 

Hence, the women professionals have a wide array of choices but the last one clearly stands out as the ideal one.